10 Principles for Women to Live By

I spent some time at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing today. There were about 8000 women there, from computer science students to the CTO of the United States. There were also exhibits by all the big companies who are trying to hire for diversity. It looked like a real coup for women.But…...more

The emerging need to becoming independent

As India celebrates its 68th independence day, the significance of the word 'independent' has become more relevant than ever. From a national level to a personal level, the feeling of becoming independent has given rise to different possibilities in our everyday lives....more

Getting Ready for Independence

With so many students getting themselves geared up for moving away from home and going off to university it seemed like a good time to share some tips and suggestions on what to buy or acquire when moving out from home and into a shared house or halls of residence....more

Come on, Let's Celebrate!

I still remember…the pre-dusk picnic with all our favorite foods. I would explore with friends the nearby woods and anticipate what would happen after darkness descended. The warmth of the day continued into the night. Then the blankets would come out, we’d sit on the ground and the show would begin. It’s Independence Day and the nation celebrates. The oohs and aahs became the words of the evening as the night lit up with the lights of fireworks....more

The Six Scariest Words a Child Can Say

CRASH! I stood up from the couch, tilted my head just enough to hear into the depths of kid*palooza, and then held my breath when I heard my son holler, I can do it by myself! ...more
Just had to comment because I so rarely see someone with my last name (maiden name)! And yes, ...more

When Can My Sons Use Public Restrooms... Alone?

I find myself outside the men’s bathroom, staring down every man that enters and counting every one that leaves. I am not ready for this. I did not prepare. I did not see it coming, although I probably should have. I am the proud mom of two strong-willed little boys and, like many military families, I am far from my support network and my husband is gone a lot. I spend a lot of time on the road driving back and forth to visit families, to celebrate holidays, and to vacation. All of this involves a lot of trips to public restrooms. ...more
My son just turned 7. I am scared to send him into the men's bathroom alone.  I tell my children ...more

Building a Village, One Block at a Time

My childhood was extremely lonely. We somehow always lived far away from my school friends, and there usually weren't kids my age living nearby. I didn't really start to develop real friendships until I was in high school and able to drive myself around. I'd say I've gotten much better at making friends once I had kids. I joined a mommy group when Zach was only six-weeks-old because I was quickly aware that I could not do this alone....more

The apartment.

While I was away at college, she got her own apartment.They did not want her to, but, she was ready to live on her own. Having completed her own college course, she had accepted full-time work.  I loved going to her place.  We spent a lot of time on her ‘ever so comfy’ sectional couch! It felt like my own apartment when I was there.She had this queen sized water bed that I loved to sleep in.When we weren’t on her couch, we were in her warm bed!  ...more

The first born.

“Wake up! Wake up! Come on, I need you to wake up!” Mom pleaded.It was dark and I was struggling to break free from the deep sleep I was enjoying.“You have to sit by the phone in case she calls,” Mom said as she guided me to the chair, by the phone, in the kitchen.What?  Who calls?  I am freezing.  What’s happening?...more

The runaway.

They argued a lot. It was never like this before.  I didn’t like it. They were always telling her no.  She would get angry when they said no. Why can’t they just say yes and then she wouldn't get mad?I was bored.  She was out a lot. I was allowed to go to my cousins and stay for a week. I was glad to go. I was just enjoying my stay when I saw my Aunt on the phone. Something was wrong. My Mom needed to speak to me. ...more