The apartment.

While I was away at college, she got her own apartment.They did not want her to, but, she was ready to live on her own. Having completed her own college course, she had accepted full-time work.  I loved going to her place.  We spent a lot of time on her ‘ever so comfy’ sectional couch! It felt like my own apartment when I was there.She had this queen sized water bed that I loved to sleep in.When we weren’t on her couch, we were in her warm bed!  ...more

The first born.

“Wake up! Wake up! Come on, I need you to wake up!” Mom pleaded.It was dark and I was struggling to break free from the deep sleep I was enjoying.“You have to sit by the phone in case she calls,” Mom said as she guided me to the chair, by the phone, in the kitchen.What?  Who calls?  I am freezing.  What’s happening?...more

The runaway.

They argued a lot. It was never like this before.  I didn’t like it. They were always telling her no.  She would get angry when they said no. Why can’t they just say yes and then she wouldn't get mad?I was bored.  She was out a lot. I was allowed to go to my cousins and stay for a week. I was glad to go. I was just enjoying my stay when I saw my Aunt on the phone. Something was wrong. My Mom needed to speak to me. ...more

Teaching Your Child Independence. We’re Somewhere in Between Dangerous and Amazing.

I think one of the most exhausting things about parenting young children is their constant dependence on you for everything. From food, to baths, to helping them learn how to sleep, to tying their shoes, to wiping their own bums, to putting on their clothes, etc. etc. – When I say everything, that means everything. In case you were wondering....more

Downside to Having an Independent Child

Independent children are great, but what happens when independence becomes defiance?...more

Happy Independence Day - Freedom Is Never Free!

Please Visit Clarissa at "The BWE Bloggersphere"Today! As we enter into the festivities, please keep in mind the dedicated men and women who help make this day possible...Freedom is never free! And to Those Who Proudly Wear The Uniform: Thanks For Your Service! ...more

10 Cities Perfect for First Time, Solo, Female Travelers

In Honour of International Women's Day...more

Helping Our Kids Design Their Futures

“Mommy is half of so many things!” interrupted my son as I chatted with someone I've just met. Obviously, the question was, “So, what do you do?” My conversation partner, smitten by my kid’s social skills, forgot to raise an eyebrow. The topic quickly turned to: “Oh, what a great boy you've got!” “Thank you, my sweet child,” I thought, “now I don’t need to describe my complicated career choices to someone who might have preferred a simple one word answer." I studied architecture in college and worked as a designer for several years....more
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