Patriotic Fruit and Cream

Patriotic Fruit and Cream is a very simple yet delicious dessert that you should prepare during your 4th of July weekend....more


A couple of years ago I set out to make Independence much more personal for me. I never intended for it to be that way but it’s just how it happened....more

Celebrating Independence Day with Food Art

There was wide spread joy in India yesterday as the largest democracy in the world celebrated 67 years of Independence.  August 15 was the 68th Independence Day and as always our Prime Minister spoke from the ramparts of the historic Red Fort in Delhi. Built in 1648, this historic monument was at one time the royal residence of the Mughal Emperors of India. The Indian tricolour flew for the first time here in 1947 when India got freedom from the British Raj. ...more

"Laying Waste" Memory Provides What Life Does Not

Bear with me. The 'backstory' (as they say in Hollywood) is vital to appreciate "Laying Waste." He's the canine star of the funniest shaggy dog story you'll ever hear - and it's true. You can't make this stuff up, and this is truly the shaggiest of stories....more
Denise MaureenMcCloud  Thanks, I figured it out all by myself!more

Baby, You're a Firework

  Happy Independence Day, America!  I'll see you all back here on Monday....more

Happy Fourth of July!

Enjoy your holiday and remember the men and women who keep this country free!And now a word from your NationalMOM...more

How to Decorate for the 4th of July Without Spending a Dime

Yesterday's post was about celebrating Canada Day, but as I am also American, my home is now decorated for the Fourth of July! ...more

7 Things the Founding Fathers can Teach You about Writing

See the original post on!Happy Independence Day to all of my American readers!!! I hope you had a marvelous celebration and took honour our great nation’s rich heritage....more

Being American

Fireworks crackle and pop and light up the night sky with brilliant colors. Burgers, brats and beer will be savored and extended families will gather.Our hearts will swell with patriotic pride as we celebrate Independence Day.Proud to be American.Being American and having "family values" seem to be inextricably linked....more