Another Step Towards Independence

Today marked another “mini-milestone” in my eldest son’s life. He is currently in Grade 1 and was invited to attend a friend’s birthday party (a Lego party which he was very excited about). Well, after a bit of discussion between my husband and me we decided it was time for our son to attend parties on his own. We would drop him off and pick him up. It was a two-hour party and just around the corner from our house. We have met the birthday boy’s parents, and the mom assured me parents of the invitees did not need to stay....more

Thanks so much for your comment. I agree it doesn't get easier. It's nice to share these ...more

Would You Let Your Six-Year-Old Walk Home Alone?

Each time she has asked me this question (every day, for the past 14 days, multiple times each day OMG) my answer has been, "no." And her response has always been, "but why not?" And my response is always, "because you're too young." And her response has always been, "but I know that I need to stay on the side of the road and watch for cars and not to get in a stranger's car!" ...more
Good grief, there is a lot of horror stories going on in this thread! To start with, you're not ...more

This time? I need a simple mattress...

"This time? I need simple" I thought as I walked down the aisles of the mattress collection."This time? I need easy" I thought now in store #2, sampling the offerings. Store #1 overwhelmed me. "This time? I want to just look for the bed for the now," I heard my heart defend. (That internal motherly wise self always knows when you just need that honey, it's for the right now"). I'd finally opted out of the mattress specialty stores #1 & #2 and found my way to practical: store #3: Sears....more

Breaking Up is a Restraining Order Away

Since when did it take a restraining order to break up? I happened to mention how hard it is to get a temporary restraining order against someone and someone else said that this is the only way to break up these days. What! Then last night, I took a friend home from dinner and a movie and found an old car and a young boyfriend in her driveway, uninvited and unwelcome (just the boyfriend – the car could stay!)....more

Autonomous People Make The Best Lovers

  The moment narcissistic and emotionally clouded, Jerry Maguire uttered the words, “You complete me,” women and men swooned at the notion that love and self were fully realized when two fated-lovers decided they couldn’t live without each other.  Though before the human head weighed eight pounds, both fiction and real life idolized this concept. The act of abandoning ourselves to another feels so powerful that, for centuries, we have mistaken this experience as the most desirable form of love. However, this love is inevitably unsustainable,personal humanity needs growth and no growth can occur in the shadow of another.   ...more

Float Like a Butterfly

The scene: Alex is in desperate need of a nap. We lay in bed to feed him. His eyes are opening and closing in a drowsy manner.Enter bed left: Daddy.Daddy: "Oh, are you going to sleep buddy? Why don't we all take a nap together?"Daddy lays down and proceeds to snuggle with the babe. He tries to put his arm around Alex's stomach.Smack!Alex blocks this attempt at snuggling. Daddy tries a different angle. Smack! And another angle....Smack! The boy continues to block off any unwanted snuggling....more

It Ain't Over Til the Fat Lady Sings

This ever evolving stage of life called the empty nest can leave parents in a perpetual state of surprise. Agendas are fluid and more flexibility is required than ever before. There is no precise schedule like in the elementary school, little league days. On Monday night there might be two people at the dinner table, a Tuesday afternoon text message might ask if 4 extra mouths could come to the family table and we just love the hustle and bustle of a full house. Then Wednesday could bring the count back down to one....more

Falling Happens, But Jumping Takes Courage

I have written in the past about how I truly enjoy spending time alone. This is not to say that I don’t enjoy the company of others, or that I don’t have genuine interest in people. I thoroughly enjoy time with friends and acquaintances alike, and I’d say that other human beings interest me more than almost anything else. ...more

Wow!  what honesty... you have spoke my truth better than I ever could...

and I ...more

Independence Day

The journey into the empty nest is an incredible learning experience. From the time it hits that your child will be leaving home, to the actual moment the good bye hug is given, feelings run the gamut from great joy to profound sense of loss. You cannot help but wonder how they will do without your guidance and how you can survive missing their presence....more

Independence… A Must!

Independence: The state or quality of being independent; freedom from dependence; exemption from reliance on, or control by others; self-subsistence or maintenance; direction of one’s own affairs without interference. Independence: Yours. Your childrens’. How do we create our own, and foster our childrens’ independence? I’m going to cover this topic under one umbrella, because whether you’re 6, 16, 36 or 66, every girl or woman needs to be equipped with independence skills....more