Battleship Steel: Or, What I Learned This Summer

by Olga Statz ...more

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I've always loved this band and this song.  I can totally relate to semi-tortured artists, being one of them.  The muse is moved more by things that haunt you vs. anything else.  When you listen to songs on the radio or read poetry, or books, whether fiction or non... it's pretty notable.  Anyway, this song, when it came out, really impressed me.  The late Kurt Cobain wrote this song and it is sung by the band Nirvana:  All Apologies<span style="font-weight:bold;">What else should I beAll apologiesWhat else could I say ...more

The Waitrose Effect

When my twin boys were tiny, and opportunities for any emotion other than ‘impending doom’ or ‘actual doom’ were equally as tiny, I discovered I could change the course of a whole day with a trip to Waitrose. While the journey from home to store was often fraught with danger and disease (to a certain extent…) once inside the nicest supermarket in the world I was safe and ready for action. And swiftly it came. ...more

Top 10 Ways to Create an Independent Son

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs you'll ever have. While raising competent, responsible individuals capable of making sound decisions is every parents goal, creating a balance of nurture with freedom can be a difficult balance for a parent to achieve. In my opinion, being a good parent means providing a consistent framework of guidance and nurture while letting go of a little control so your child can confidently learn how to make good choices independently. Someone once told me, a good parent teaches independence and can let go. It's ...more

Cut the Apron Strings

I was sad when my son woke up one morning and told me he didn’t want to wear diapers anymore.  Great, you’d think……who likes changing those things anyway? But it’s a huge milestone, especially when it’s your youngest or only child.  ...more

The price of being rescued

Being rescued isn't as great as I thought it would be.  Letting someone fix things only makes me feel pathetic and incompetent.  I made plans to get the roof fixed.  Then I got an estimate on painting my house.  I have a decent amount of money set aside for that.  It means allowing a little credit card balance to build up, which is unfortunate, but the house really needs to be painted before more serious damage sets in. ...more

"Let us not tarry in midair" Artist Alice Cathrall

Wandering on her own

My daughter is cautious. Calculated. I don't think she gets that from me. I run head first into just about everything, especially mistakes, and usually several times. Probably she gets it from my husband. Of course when I'm grumpy this "cautiousness" is interpreted as "slowness" to me, making me grumpier. But my daughter, well she's still a toddler and cute enough to get away with it. ...more's: The New-Age 20-Something Chick

I’m a hard worker and always have been. I started working when I was 14; I printed out cheap flyers ...more

Freedom's just another word (on independence and ... dependence)

Happy Independence Day. In honor of the day, I've been thinking a lot about independence and dependence and how to have both in a relationship, in a life. I'm blogging about it here. I've curious what you think. ...more