The risks of independent children

When I was little, I walked everywhere: To school, to my best friend's house, to the park across the street and to the park a few blocks away. Sometimes my brother was with me; sometimes he wasn't. As I got older, I walked more places: To the store to get milk, to the theater to volunteer as an usher and sometimes I just walked for exercise....more

Take Action Now To Be Independent - Don't Let Others Control Your Destiny

It is magnificent to take action now to be independent rather than letting others control your destiny. When a person takes action now, she does what needs to be done and does it now. A woman who takes action now has moved past hoping, talking and planning. She has moved to the doing and she is a powerful force who can make a difference in her world and the world at large. Independence is the state of being independent. When a person is independent,  she is free from outside control and does not have to depend upon the authority of another....more

Technology Helps You Put the World in Your Hands

It is terrific to know that technology can help you be independent by putting a world of information in your hands. I am old enough to remember when computers were big heavy things that got put on a desk and never moved. Over the years I have seen them evolve into laptops,  notebooks, tablets, PDAs and now Smartphones. One thing that has stood out for me with the evolving computer technology arena is that things are getting smaller and more powerful all the time. Today, technology allows us to have the world in our hands at all times and that is a wonderful thing....more

The Bodacious Maturation of Wonder Riley--1

The best present Granny Cat Clark ever received was from me—Wonder Riley. I know this because she tells me practically every day. She covers my wild red rumpus hair with her big-as-man hands and exclaims.             “Wonder, have I told you lately how incredibly special I find my throne?”             I’d trash-picked the eight foot antique hall tree but I took care to never mention that fact to her. I had no desire to reduce it in her esteem....more


Running away…   6 A.M. There’s something about the sun just up, the morning freshness. It’s the perfect time for a jog or a brisk walk. To me, something about a good run in this hour is sacred. Like the first skier down a mountain of new snow, or the very first bite of warm chocolate cake. This morning in particular I was listening to the rhythm of my feet, the chop chop chopping of a nearby sprinkler, the heaving of my breath, the strong clear echo of birds. As the day was just waking, there was still a sense of stillness....more

Go Vote: Election Issues that Could Impact Your Family

My Short Political Career The life of a politician is no life fo...more

Black Friday Alternatives: Sleep-In, Buy Nothing, Wear Plaid

Today is "Black Friday," the day after Thanksgiving when everyone is supposed to hit the stores to do their holiday shopping. "To buy, or not to buy?" seems to be the question on do-gooders' minds. Below are four ideas for how to spend, or not spend, today....more

Great writingmore

Another Independent Bolts from Obama

I am a proud Independent bolting from Obama. This week on "Morning Joe" somebody said all the Independents were doing it. If so, this might be the first time I do anything "all" the people do. I think each of us, true to the term, has his or her own reasons. Here are mine, and they surprise even me for the order in which they occur....more

The 'Me Too' Syndrome

My husband and I talked about having three children from the time we knew that we would be getting married. Well, initially he wanted to have six kids, but I managed to talk him down—thinking that six might be just a bit too much to afford. Three seemed like a nice number. ...more

jumping in

So, I quit my job.  Hooray!  I a now an independent consultant... whatever that means. Now, I just have to get used to living this lifestyle.  Luckily for me Blue Eyes is tolerating my job change.  He is so totally consumed with fear (of losing the house, the cars, etc) that it is had for him to understand why or how I can do this.  I just want to be challenged and respected - is that asking too much?! ...more