Celebrating My Independents

 Once upon a time, I wrote a book by accident. A friend had suffered a sneak-attack breakup -- you know, one of those simple conversations of, "Gee, honey, if you're going to be late for dinner, please let me know," that somehow ends with him saying, "This just isn't working out." I went right over to her place when she was still red and raw, and watched her do all the things I did wrong that didn't help, and the things that friends did wrong that didn't help, and I realized we women do a lot of stuff that doesn't help us get over a breakup, and maybe we should knock that off....more

Indie ebook publishing links and website recommendations

Independent Publishing Links and Website RecommendationsI was asked to sit on an author's marketing panel tonight with my writer's group. We got together with a group that's more focused on book marketing (our group is a "writer's support group" - we talk about craft and do writing exercises and cheer each other on. It's a little different spin than many critique circles you'll hear about.) ...more

The Power of Zines

"...when the media isn't serving you or the world, it's time to become the media." ...more