Aging India's dilemma in a nuclear society

Growing up in post-colonial Kolkata and as a student in a Catholic missionary school, we made the occasional trip to what we called "old-age homes" or retirement hostels for senior citizens. Those were heart-rending visits: old women and men miles away from their children, some of whom had left their aging parents for greener pastures in the U.K., Australia and other Commonwealth nations. Many of the senior citizens were Anglo-Indian or Caucasian (from India's British Raj days) whose children left after the country became independent. ...more

Women in the Indian blogosphere

This week I took a look at the Indian blogosphere, starting with BlogBharti, a group of about sixteeen bloggers who link out to all the blogs they can, celebrating the Z-list. In its first year, BlogBharti posted about to 3,087 different blogs! ...more

Thanks for the mention Liz! I've been blogging since 2004 and love how it so easily connects ...more

H1N1 (swine flu) claims 25 lives in India, panic stretches resources

Updated with new figures ...more

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Can a raped, mentally challenged girl raise a child?

A 9-year-old mind in an adult's body: Can she raise a child? A legal battle in India over the rights of a mentally challenged woman who had been raped in a government-run home for destitute women and is now pregnant, has torn the nation. Does a 19-year-old with the IQ of a nine-year-old have the right or the ability to make a decision about her unborn child conceived through rape? Can rights come without responsibilities? ...more

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Clinton's India visit: Climate change hot button issue

Last week, Secretary of Sate Hillary Rodham Clinton became the highest American dignitary to visit India since Barack Obama's election. Of course, this is not her first visit to India -- she was there almost a decade ago as first lady alongside the very popular Bill Clinton -- but this is different. Now she is Secretary of State and is representing the Obama administration. Now, she is talking international policy.  ...more

Landmark ruling boosts India's gay movement

In a historic ruling this month, an Indian high court asked that private sex among consenting gay adults be decriminalized, observing that the 150-year-old colonial law that characterized gay sex as an unnatural offense against the law of nature violated fundamental equality rights guaranteed by the Indian constitution. The law, however, will still apply in case of minors and the government needs to amend the law to reflect the ruling. But that has to wait. ...more

Indian PM returns, Sri Lankan insurgency crushed

The past week South Asian neighbors Sri Lanka and India wrote page-turners for future generations: While a decades-old bloody ethnic war came to an end in the island nation, India returned 76-year-old Manmohan Singh and his Congress Party-led coalition to a second term, making the economist -- popularly regarded as the father of India's economic liberalization -- only the second prime minister in the last three decades to be re-elected for the country's top job. ...more

Indian immigrants homeward bound

Six years ago, as I sat in my newsroom in New Delhi chatting with my editor, he asked me, "You are coming back to India after you are done with school there, right?" I had just handed in my resignation and was preparing to leave for California. "Of course!" I said. I wasn't lying. I perfectly intended to. A childhood friend of my father's who had moved to the U.S. in the '70s, laughed when I said I'd be back in India after school. "They all say that," he said. "Once you've crossed the seven seas, you are not going back." ...more

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The biggest, the fanciest, the craziest: India Votes '09

  A week from now, the world's biggest celebration of democracy begins. Over 700 million eligible Indians are registered to vote for the country's 15th Parliament in five phases over a period of one month. Three states will also go to the polls to elect local governments. There are seven national political parties, over 30 regional ones, and a 1,000 other parties that the Election Commission lists as registers but unrecognized. The two main national parties are the centralist and grand old Indian National Congress (Congress in short), and the Hindu nationalist, right-wing Bharatiya  Janata Party (BJP). ...more

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BlogHer of the Week: Lila Ghobady from Feminist Review

Born in Iran, emigrated to Canada, dreaming of of India. Lila Ghobady's "movie review" of recent Oscar winner Slumdog Millionaire for Feminist Review is more than a's the story of her life. And how India (or her imagining of India) played a huge role in her childhood daydreams, her young adult self-examinations and her grown-up realization of the shades of gray behind the vivid, colorful impression India had made on Lila since youth. ...more