Tata Nano: The tiny big idea

The world's cheapest car, the Tata Nano was recently launched in India, amidst much fanfare, chest-thumping, grudging acceptance and pooh-poohing. ...more

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Domestic abuse in India: Is there an end in sight?

This post could easily be another futile exercise in numbers and reports on domestic violence against women in India. Given that barely 5 percent  of Indians use the Internet, such posts are most likely inaccessible to the women who may benefit from a discussion or from a platform to voice an opinion, leave alone start an awareness campaign or a fight for justice. ...more

What choice do we have, Maria? If we don't have a hope for change, the change may never ...more

Lent and Holi - Surprising Spiritual Companions

Lent is Christian. Holi is Hindu. But somehow they seem to each be needful in their own time. I observe Lent, by setting prayer and meditation goals to the front of each day, rather than to the back of my mind. I also follow the tradition of "giving something up" for Lent that I enjoy at other times of the year. It's been a bumpy Lent this year so far, with me feeling jostled off track more than once. There's learning in that, too. And some of it is to be learned from the contrast of two entirely unrelated traditions -- Christian Lent and Hindu Holi. ...more

Shared holiday greetings to you, too -- from one person in the Oneness to another :-)

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Pink Panties color Indian VDay

A fringe group of fundamentalist self-styled guardians of "Indian/Hindu culture" called Sri Ram Sene, has set in motion events that may lead to India's most colorful Valentine's Day, thanks to the timely Consortium of Pubgoing, Loose and Forward Women and their Pink Chaddi Campaign (chaddi = underwear). ...more

Thanks Leslie. India's problem has always been extremes. Just yesterday, I read more

India's abortion dilemma

I started drafting this post on a flight from Bangalore to Kolkata last August, after an abortion story hit and hogged Indian headlines for weeks. Then life took over, and the post remained on my laptop, waiting for me to gather. ...more

Splitting hairs over Slumdog

With all the noise surrounding it -- Critic's Choice, Golden Globe, SAG Awards and now the  The Oscar -- it's a bit hard to think clearly about Slumdog Millionaire and how I felt about it when I first saw it about a month ago. ...more

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Were "Slumdog" Child Actors Exploited?

Hey Danny - don't treat your Slumdog actors like slum!  -Stephanie Elliot, BettyConfidential.com Are the child actors of Slumdog Millionaire suffering? While Slumdog Millionaire remains a huge hit at the box office, having won four Golden Globes and been nominated for 10 Oscars, two child actors are reportedly not basking in the glory of this Indie film's success. They are Rubina Ali and Azharuddin Ismail, the youngsters who play Latika and Salim as children in the movie. ...more

Shut up or die: Media gags in South Asia

It's not news when an autocracy denies its citizens a free press. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right enjoyed only by democracies and free societies, right? In the last two weeks, two south Asian neighbors, both democracies, saw that right seriously threatened. ...more

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A lie that shook India Inc.

It's been cooking for a while. Last week, India got dished some incredible corporate scandal soup, and the party ain't over yet. Satyam Computer Services -- one of India's IT industry stalwarts -- is biting the dust, after its (former) chairman and founder, B. Ramalinga Raju, shook India Inc with a mea culpa letter to board members of how he had been cooking up the company's books for years,  overstating its profits by millions of non-existent rupees and playing down its debt. The cooking thus far is to the order of Rs 7,800 crore (Indian Rupees 78 billion/U.S. $1.5 billion) and upwards.  ...more

Thanks Nita, always nice to hear from you. Yes, indeed, the more I read about the ...more