A rape that has left people wishing her dead

Part II: Interview with writer Pinki Virani ...more

I did read the interview. What happened to Aruna after the murderous sexual assault is ...more

South Asia: This part of the world is also spinning

South Asia is going through turmoil -- some inflicted by nature, some by fellow humans. Myanmar's cyclone has mercilessly claimed lives in ways that we can't begin to fathom, no thanks to the Junta and its closed-door policies. Paddy fields in the Irrawaddy Delta have been washed away with bodies, bang in the middle of a global food crisis. ...more

India outsources cheer: Some like it hot, some like it not

The hot hot ladies of the Washington Redskins cheer squad are in India shaking their shapely hips in those short shorts, matching go-go boots and bikini tops. Needless to say male fans were left salivating for more, our culture guardians gasping at the "vulgarity", purists demanding that the "Indian" sport be spared of such cheap thrills, and some fence sitters (me included) wondering and analyzing to no end what this all means and if all this fuss is warranted. Background: ...more

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Yes, it does take a ...more

Daughters of the Soil (Part II) -- Sex Education in Madrassas

Daughters of the soil (Part I) Changes in society are most sustainable when they come from within. It's more organic, addresses issues that truly matter and affects changes in a way that the society in question can relate to and absorb. ...more

Hi all It is rather late for me to respond. I want to bring to notice for all that it is ...more

Cleavage Control: To show or not to show?

My first summer on Berkeley campus -- which was also my first year in the U.S. or in any country outside India -- left me smiling a lot. After taking in the unfamiliar sight of girls soaking up the oh-so-welcome sun in their short shorts and short skirts and tank tops, I was wowed by how comfortable women felt displaying their cleavages. ...more

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Very enlightening and thought provoking, I must say. I ...more

Parallels between the Partition of India and the Partition of Palestine

On Jan. 31, 1948, the St. Paul Pioneer Press printed two editorials across from each other. On the left, an editorial called "India's New Crisis," began - "The assassination of Gandhi greatly increases the danger of large-scale violence in India and of actual war between the Hindu dominion of India and Moslem Pakistan." ...more

Tibet crisis: Why India needs to sit up and take notice

After weeks of "restraint" and insistence that Tibet was China's internal problem, India was put off this week, just a wee bit. China summoned the Indian ambassador at 2 a m to hand over details of protests that exiled Tibetans were allegedly planning in India. India immediately called off a high-level commerce-related visit to China. ...more

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My name is Vijay. Im working on making a documentray about career choices of ...more

Tale of two sub-continental ladies -- One voted in, the other hounded out

Fehmida Mirza and Taslima Nasrin -- both are former physicians and well-known Muslim women from the Indian sub-continent. On Wednesday, destiny (and politics) drove them in dramatically different directions. ...more

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U.S. Prez polls: India is curious but not so concerned

[Updated to add end graph] The American presidential race --- as in many other countries --- has become a staple on the news in India. I can stay quite clued in about who's winning what state while catching up with news about home. You don't have to look too far for reasons why people across the world are mighty concerned about who America's next president will be. Going by Indian news sites and Indian American blogs, it would appear that both communities have serious concerns when it comes to picking their favorite candidate for the top job. ...more

Quite balanced, i may add :>  And thanks for the reference to my comments on the sepia ...more

The Roadsides of India

I decided to start my blog with one of my favorite passions, images from my travels and stories. I will now have a place to share with you some of the most amazing experiences I have been fortunate enough to have had. ...more