Celebrating Independence with the Foods of India

When Blogher contributing editor Snigdhasen wrote yesterday about challenges ahead for India and Pakistan as both nations celebrate sixty years of Independence this week, I had already read about the Independence Day celebrations on many of my favorite food blogs. I'm fascinated by Indian cooking and by the enormous numbers of well-written and popular food blogs written by Indian women. Here are just a few of the many wonderful posts I found yesterday. (If you're an Indian food blogger who posted about Independence Day, please share your link in the comments.) ...more

Isn't it great how the internet helps us learn new things. I'm quite sure I would have never ...more

India, Pakistan turn 60: Who are we?

Pakistan and India have turned 60. On August 14 (Pakistan) and 15 (India), the two countries celebrated six decades of independence from the British (and each other, following a bloody partition). ...more

Unimaginable Lives: Afghanistan, India, Iran

Travel. Typically when we think of travel we think of exotic food, pretty postcards, charming locals... But travelers - thinking travelers - perceive the world in bigger ways. Sometimes, they're willing to peel back the shiny surface and approach what's really going on in a country. This week, instead of souvenirs, here are some thought provoking posts from the travelsphere that feature far away places - Afghanistan, India, and Iran - and unimaginable lives. Afghanistan:  In Mother Jones this month, there's a photo essay about women in Afghanistan that is both stunning and heart wrenching. [Hat tip to The Travel Photographer.] In reality, very little has changed, particularly in the rural regions of the country. Over ninety percent of Afghan women are illiterate and many are not allowed to leave their homes. Girls are bought and sold to solve land and monteary disputes. Self immolation, domestic violence, forced marriage, denial of education, and isolation are just a few of the issues that women face daily. --Lana Šlezić. ...more

India's contradictions can be baffling. But that's the way the country is. It is easily the most ...more

BlogHer 07 -- The Real Swag

It's impossible to encapsulate all that a new blogger like me learned in the four heady days at BlogHer 07. So I did a quick memory check. What do I recall clearly enough not to have to refer to my notes, or at least know exactly where I can spot them in those notes? Here are the lessons I digested best: ...more

I am looking forward to the next one, too! In fact, at times I wanted to attend all the panels ...more