What do Indians eat?

Do you know what Indians eat? They eat a variety of foods and that is why Indian food is liked by so many people around the world. However the food they eat can vary from one state to another, from one region to another. It's true that Indian food is spicy but not all the time. There are people who do not eat a lot of spices. But as a general rule, Indian food is spicy. Spicy does not always mean hot, spicy means a range of spices to enhance the flavor of the food. ...more

A Tribute To Tarla Dalal

Many ladies of my generation in India owe a huge debt of gratitude to the late Tarlaji Dalal who sadly passed away last November. Tarla Dalal became a household name in India and we grew up learning her recipes, even from the days when there was no internet. We used to write down the recipes in our "Recipe Books" on seeing them in the popluar magazines of those days ....more

Paranthas: A Favourite Indian Food

The Parantha or Paratha (Indian flatbread)  is a common feature in an Indian meal. Although it has its origins in the Punjab and the North of India, it has now become available country-wide. In the North, it is served both as a breakfast item or along with the meal while as in South India it is considered more suitable for lunch or dinner!...more

MOTICHUR LADOO with Carrot and Honey


Not just curry - Stuffed Bitter gourd

In all my trips abroad everytime there is a mention of Indian food , it eventually becomes all about curry and in some cases there are curries no body knows in India (Balti curry ?? Madras curry ??)So in a simple attempt i want to share some indian dishes which are a) not curry b) less oily & spicy and c) is not complex to cook and are healthy to eat. Here is the first one in that attempt, feel free to ask questions, comment , will be very happy to take it allStuffed Bitter gourd ...more

Quick Prawn Curry

This particular recipe is for a prawn curry that we always had growing up. As a child, I was lucky enough to grow up by the coast. The West coast of India is the coast of the Arabian sea, and we had our pick of fresh seafood, most of which was caught on the day we ate it. My dad would ride down to the bunder (docks) and bargain hard for the freshest of fish, prawns, squid or crabs. He would then triumphantly return with his bounty, and we would have fresh seafood for dinner that evening. I am lucky I don't have to do all this from-scratch preparation anymore, and frozen raw prawns are a convenience I have gotten used to very quickly. But I still relish the taste of seafood, particularly one in a spicy-tangy-hot curry, as we used to have it. The flavors in this dish are very much from the South coast of India. ...more
This recipe looks absolutely delicious! My husband and I are both fans of curry and I will be ...more

Ricotta Cheese stuffed Indian Flat Bread


Tandoori Vegetables (Roasted Veggies in Tandoori Spice)

Serves: 4Serving Suggestion: Can be served with Roti’s or Rice Tools:1 Large nonstick wok/pan 1 Large Bowl – For Marinating the VeggiesCling Wrap/Foil - To cover the large bowl ...more

On Poiint: All Spiced Up And Nowhere To Go

Alright guys, I’m just going to have to blow up my own spot on this one.  This could be kind of an issue if it persists....more