Business vs. Loyalty - What Should the Colts Do?

Now that the NFL season has officially come to an end and the Playoff Season has begun, the airwaves are blowing up over the Indianapolis Colts.  The team, which has suffered through the season without its stalwart, award-winning, MVP QB1, Peyton Manning, has been awarded the Number 1 draft pick in this upcoming spring’s NFL draft.  They earned this distinction by winning only two of their 16 games.  It’s true, the team has suffered through a lifetime of embarrassments in this one season and it looks like more will come....more
@Kathy K@dawnbe1229 Ladies: Thanks for commenting. I sometimes forget that issues are a ...more

On Superbowl Sunday, A Concussion Conversation Continues

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, and even if your hometown’s team is one of the competitors, none has completely escaped chatter about the brain-injury controversy—from CNN’s report on the long-lasting damage suffered by former players, after years of impacts like those at left, to stories from ...more

Super Bowl XLIV Preview: How Can You NOT Root for The Saints?

For a lot of football fans this Sunday is the holiest day of the year. That's right, Super Bowl Sunday. This year the Indianapolis Colts will be facing the New Orleans Saints in Miami, Florida. ...more

You have an excellent point. I can root for the Saints all day, but I would never put money ...more


Last night, after a relatively lazy weekend, I was messing around online, not really paying attention to the TV.  I got done reading blogs (which is a joke, because do we ever really get done reading blogs?) and put the computer up. I noticed that the TV was on some random movie channel with a crappy shoot-'em-up movie, so I hit the guide button to see what was on and almost started crying. Preseason Football. I am happier than I can possibly express. ...more