Indie Chat with The Mitten State

 Indie Chat: The Mitten State“We love Michigan. We live here. We’ve moved from here. We’ve returned here. No matter where we end up, Michigan is our home. It’s a state of mind. It’s a feeling. It’s where our heart will always lie. You see a Mitten Stater out of state and you can tell before whipping out your hand map that there’s a special kin- ship. An aura. A sense of belonging.”...more

3 Bands You Should Be Listening To: Electronic Indie Edition

This week’s version of 3 Bands You Should Be Listening To has a theme: electronic music.  I’ve been on a kick....more

Who is the R&B Sensation T.P.?

Excerpt, "You see what I mean? Presence, pitch, comfort, delivery, range, screaming fans, seems like a lot for a 12 year old but his mom’s name is Miss Hollywood. If Hollywood can’t teach you how to deal with lights, camera and fame, no one can. Miss Hollywood: Would you believe that doctors told me he would never talk? Me: What? How old was he then? ...more

Women Directors Make Unprecedented Showing at Sundance Film Festival

I always love seeing the trends that come out of Sundance. Because the festival takes place in January, it's an interesting peek into what's in store for the rest of the year, not only at other festivals, but also within the film industry.One of the cool things coming out of Sundance this year is the strong representation of women directors at the festival. For the first time, Sundance has an equal number of women as men directors with dramatic competition entries -- eight -- with more than a dozen other women directors in other sections of the festival....more

Oscar Watch: "Beasts of the Southern Wild" [Review]

The Indie darling of late has been Beasts of the Southern Wild, a little film about a community living just off a levee in Louisiana in a place called The Bathtub. The focus of the film is on Hushpuppy, a 5 year old girl, and her father, as they make a life off the grid. The world is divided into The Bathtub and the Dry World (the civilized world). Their life stands in stark contrast to the life that most of us live in the Dry World. In the Dry World, kids usually go to traditional schools and learn the usual subjects....more
Favorite, most creative and unique movie I have seen in the past 5 years or so.more

Movie Review: Jucy

Thanks to Twitter, I discovered the most adorable little Australian independent film called "Jucy" (2010), directed by Louise Alston. Jucy refers to a combination of the names of the two main characters: Jackie and Lucy (played by real life best friends Cindy Nelson and Francesca Gasteen). Jackie and Lucy have been best friends for most of their lives and are now in the mid-20's and working in a video store. Jackie lives alone in her funky apartment and is interested in make-up and fashion....more

The Controversial Cult of Lana Del Rey

Have you heard of Lana Del Rey yet?...more
Doesn't bother me in the slightest. Lizzie Grant is a preformer and Lana is her preformance. To ...more

Music Monday: Colours (Captain Cuts Remix) - Grouplove

In my opinion, this is one of those rare instances in which the remix is better than the original song. Don't get me wrong, Grouplove is great, but there's something about this mix that makes it impossible for me to stop listening to. ...more

The Guard

Question: Is there a certain nationality that you feel a kinship with? Maybe it is an American thing that I have a need to ask that or share with you mine, but I feel a strong connection to my Irish heritage. So when I saw the preview a couple of months ago for the Irish indie film The Guard (and even posted the preview on my blog) I knew I had to see it. It finally came out last week....more

The Girls On Film: Movie Moments with an Awesome Twist

Ashleigh Harrington is kind of a bad ass. Along with partner Jeff Hammond, she's gone and created The Girls On Film blog, a tasty little pop culture treat that's one part social commentary, one part tongue and cheek comedy, and one part most genius online reel for an actor I've ever seen. ...more

Or, OMG - the scene from Sixteen Candles where Jake Ryan tells the Geek how to handle a girl.more