Alternative Indie Christmas Playlist

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Celebrating the Diverse Women of Indie Music

I—like many of us here at LD—am a big fan of women in indie music. Jenny Lewis, Lady Lamb, and lots of other brilliantly talented ladies with flawless bangs rank among my all-time favorite artists, and were originally to be included when I decided to make a playlist of women in the indie scene that everyone should be paying attention to....more

& that is that, is that, is that....

If you check my blisslist on a regular basis, you are most likely familiar with my preoccupation with The National. I've known about this band for about a year - my ex-boyfriend recommended them to me. I was dating someone else at the time, and ironically, The National quickly became associated with that relationship instead. "Mr. November" and "All the Wine" belong to Geoff. I'll admit, I did not spend a lot of time on the band. I ...more

she said return, he said run

Time to segue to Canadian musician, Hayden (whose full name is Paul Hayden Desser). Hayden has been around for several years, yet he's snatching up interviews and garnering more attention after opening for Feist and The National this year.  Frankly, I love his 2008 release, In Field & Town—especially the song "Barely Friends." And while In Field & Town is a bit cleaner & more produced (as well as a few shades brighter) than his previous releases, this song epitomizes what Hayden is best ...more