How I Got Rid of Indigestion

Digesting food might be a big problem for many. Since my childhood, I always found it as a greatest problem in my life. However, as time went by, I planned to solve this problem because I was not able to digest most of my favorite recipes too. So, let’s know some simple tips on food digestion....more

Pregnant? Upset Stomach?

An upset stomach is believed to be one of the first signs of pregnancy. The exact cause behind this side effect of pregnancy is not known; however, many researchers believe pregnant women experience an upset stomach because of the sudden hormonal changes. Another reason attributed to this is the acid levels in the stomach increase as digestion slows down during pregnancy....more

Life In the Toilet

I know this isn’t exactly polite conversation, trust me, it’s necessary. You’re about to read the “inside” history, the story of my stomach. For all those with unremitting digestive problems, read on: there is hope. ...more