A True Story Of One Born With The Caul/Living “The Life” Of My Spirituality As A Child Of The Caul

At a very young age my mother always told me that I was gifted and special. I was very intellectually and spiritually advanced for a child. I entered the Charles R. Drew day care center when I was just two and a half years of age. I first learned to read and write by the time I was three since my mother already had been teaching me through books and literature.I knew and realized that I differed greatly when it came into comparison with other children. I was friendly and outgoing yet at the same time very quiet and a bit of a loner-which was sometimes mistaken as being shy....more

I Unlock The Doors With My Keys Of Faith

I believe in the things that I know are yet to come. I believe in what is. And I know that in which I am surrounded by has the faith in me to see things through.I anticipate with confidence. Not bound by the ropes of any worry or fear. I look forward to what I expect.For what is to be-already went to proceed.Real faith is a very powerful tool. One should not underestimate the tenacity of the mind and spirit.When something is consistent in nature it builds trust, loyalty, and/or presume....more

My Life Written Journels

I am by nature inspired to write and not only as a hobby but also as a profession. I write about whatever spirit inclines me to as well as what may interest me or what I may have experienced.I never lacked in confidence I always believed in myself and within my abilities I knew that I had a natural born talent as I often write automatically. It is not arrogant or boastful for one to be aware of what they are capable of doing or achieving.I genuinely do love my own writings, my natural type of style and my creativity....more

People Who Place Their Insecurities On Others: Everybody Does Not Get Their Feelings Hurt And Everybody Does Not Get Embarrassed

When I was ten years old I got hit by a car. The lady driving the car hit me on purpose.It was an attack on my life but I survived without any broken bones or serious injuries. I was extremely lucky.I flew up into the air hit the hood of the car then fell upon the street in front of my house right on my behind.The first thing that I did was jump up to my feet and run. I ran to my back yard.Later on I found out that amongst certain ignorant people my actions were considered as an expression of embarrassment....more

Mechanisms Used Through The Use Of Black Magic/Witchcraft To Control One

There are all types of people in the world. All have their own different kinds of personality, attitudes, and demeanor.As many people are unique and distinct within their own specific ways most people tend to be the same in the many of other ordinary ways when it comes down to socialization.From an early age we as people are trained on how to interact with other people, how to cope with the cohabitation of the world and with society....more

The Epiphanies Of The Extraordinary

It is funny how people attempt to go behind one’s back to do dirt, actually believing that the person that they are scheming against is unaware, or that they will never find out about the shenanigans that were done until it is far too late.What if one is far ahead? Knowing and figuring out just about every detail of sequence that there is to an episode.During negative instances of calamity some people will tend to believe that a person is oblivious as to what is going on around them if they appear to be undisturbed or unabashed....more

Forget Me Not

How could one forget one’s self? Turning away from whom and what they really are. I am not ashamed of anything regarding myself.  And I am not afraid to express what I’m about or what concerns me.Freedom is a very powerful thing. Liberation is a privilege to take advantage of, yet many do not indulge in the opportunity out of fear, the fear to truly be themselves.Some, who are different and unique in their behavior, appearance or preference and so on, would rather fit in with the general population than to endure the ridicule and rejection that many individuals face....more

"A Pill For Your Thoughts"

I take my “magical pills” so to say. I have been taking them for years and I do not plan to stop.I do not have to pay for them as they cannot be bought or sold out from any store. I do not even need a prescription for them.They are free and pure and they come in rare form. They are not tablets, capsules, caplets, or soft gels. No manufacturer is able to design them.I take each pill wisely.They can be taken at any time and they can be taken in excess if needed. There are no harmful side effects and no dangerous chance of overdose....more

Stay True

It is true, the more you know the farther you can advance because knowledge is power and the mind is a very important and powerful tool if one is equip.How one uses their knowledge is also a huge responsibility. Are they using their information as a hobby or a skill, to maneuver or deceive, to teach or to inspire?The approach of how one expresses their knowledge is another interesting or challenging factor as what they often impart may not always be what is accepted and sometimes what is mostly rejected by those who are in a state of “unconsciousness”....more

Occult Power

Aside from family members, friends, associates, neighbors, enemies, strangers, and whoever else people also need to watch out for the “posers” who claim to help the sufferers and people who are the unjustly objects of evil black magic.Many practitioners camouflage themselves as good healers.Always on the lookout for positive energy and positive souls to drain and to corrupt....more