Indoor Improvements for Winter

Winter isn’t exactly the best time to tackle home improvement projects outside. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to be idle all season long. There are things that you can be doing indoors during the winter months....more

Rain rain go away

Rain, rain go away! I am so ready to walk, run maybe even skip! It has been raining since Monday and I am ready for the sun! Today I had all these plans for our daughter. After a trip to craft store I wanted to take her to the mall so she can burn some energy. They have the best idea ever! It is a soft play area for kids to burn energy. How great is that? You can let your kids go nuts in the play area then once they pass out shop whine free! It is even nice for dads who don't like shopping. They can sit on the bench and let the kids run free while mom shops....more

What to do in Winter?

What to do in winter, part 1....more

Indoor Lighting: How much is enough?

Indoor Lighting: How much is enough? Indoor Lighting: How much is enough?  I've been wanting to do more intense growing, and get away from plants that only need indirect lighting. If I want to get a set up that I can grow plants, I'll need to know a few things.  Space that I am going to garden  Lighting of the space...more