Montgomery County Mom – The Many Places to Go

Staying home to be a full time mom isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds.  There’s laundry to do, dishes to wash and other cleaning to finish. What’s worse is once you think you’re done, the week is over and you have to do it again!Sometimes, you need to get out of the house just as much as your kids do, whether it’s taking a walk around a local park or heading to your town’s library. All it takes is a little bit of research to uncover all of the fun places to see and things to do with your children!...more

Newsflash (or Not): Indoor Play Centers Are Gross (But How Gross Are They?)

We were recently invited to a playdate at a local fast food place with one of those play centers; we declined. I have many reasons, but if you ask my sons, they will tell you that indoor playplaces are “dirty and germy.” I fully admit to passing that information on to them so that I wasn’t the bad guy saying “no” every single time. I made this decision long before I had kids and watched a child throw up the food he had just eaten as he slid down one of the slides. I may be a killjoy with a side of germaphobia, but it turns out I’m right: They’re gross....more
I worked at a McD's as a teen when we had one of these indoor play areas built on our store.  We ...more