Indoor Pillow Fun

The weather here lately has been dreary and wet, so we have done a lot of playing inside. One recurring pastime was playing with a pile of pillows. The creativity and imagination was great! At different times we had a pond, boat, bridge, rocks, landing spot, train, train tracks, a train boxcar, a truck...the list could go on! I'm so thankful to have a big enough home that my boys can get some gross-motor play in when the weather is less-than favorable.What things do your kiddos do to let off energy when they can't go outside? ...more

Cabin Fever. What Would Laura Do?

When I was G's age, 9, I was obsessed with Little House on the Prairie. I remember sporting a thrift store bonnet all over my neighborhood in the Bronx, and my mother looking pained, saying "You know that's for a baby, right?" It was partly her fault. Having little, making do, aligned with the Chinese immigrant experience. My mother would make glue out of a little bit of rice, dolls out of scraps of cloth....more

Play Hard

This weekend, my husband was gone, mountain biking in Albuquerque.  I wasn’t looking forward to doing it all “alone” this weekend, as I was feeling a little depleted. I knew I would need to keep my son and me busy.  I had all sorts of things in mind.  We could go to Target!  (The Go-To Activity when it is cold outside.)  We needed to go to the grocery store.  I could ask my friend if she wanted to do a play date.  We could go to the movies and see Megamind.  There was a list of places I had in mind to pass the time. ...more

Sticky Fingers: A Story of a Semi-Addiction

  My name is Lisha, and I am an enabler.  My son has had an addiction for the past two years and shows no signs of overcoming this obsession.  Because he is nearly three years old, one might imagine his addiction involves some sort of sport, imitating animal noises, or having tantrums....more