Industrial Art: Blueprints & Patent Drawings

Using oversized maps in home decor has been all the rage, and while I like it, I have certainly been pining for something different. So thank you, industrial steampunk, for finally becoming mainstream! We are science geeks and my son is a huge "MythBusters" and "How It's Made" fan. Industrial patent drawings have been on my radar for a long time. Here is what I have found...tell me these aren't OUSTANDING for an industrial space?? Wow...just, wow. ...more
@Denise, I saw your comments on WP, lol! They also have Monopoly drawings as well. LOVE this ...more

Why I'm a Mac

Yes, I'm an Apple fan girl. But I wasn't always one. Before OS X, Apple's Unix-based Operating System, I was a hardcore PC. I could track down missing dlls, edit the OS registry files, install and configure firewall and virus software, and format, partition, and reinstall the Windows Operating System lickity split. Then one day while I was trying to remove spyware from my system I realized that I was a busy person and didn't have time to dink around with this stuff anymore. I was a college student at the time and I also worked full time....more

echar un remiendu ...more

It's a reflexion about industrial design, product management and peoplemore