A sad day for Indy fans

The Indy Championship in Las Vegas didn't turn out how anyone intended.  It was the worst possible outcome.  It was supposed to be a day which crowned a champion and celebrated the return to the Las Vegas track.  However, the day ended in tragedy. I was rooting for Will Power and ready to watch a great 300 mile race.  We had actually thought about attending the race but had decided not to this year.  On lap 12, the most horrific crash I had ever seen happened.  15 cars involved and some serious injur...more


Her name was Minnie, my faithful companion in homelessness. When we first became homeless and started living out of it, my youngest was only one and half years old. My oldest was only about 9 years old then. To my youngest, the rv was home. It wasn't until we came to my friend's house did I realize just how much living out of the rv had affected my daughter until she said "I don't like it in here. I want to go back to OUR house, the rv." That’s when it hit me that her memories of what “home” is are based on the three of us living out an old Minnie Winnebago....more

Out here.....

I never thought I'd find myself out here. April of 2004 will stay in my memory forever as that was the day I turned in the keys to our apartment and began living out of our car. I tried to get help before this but found out that there's no such thing as rental assistance here because Section 8 is closed to applications and for those who have been on the waiting list, it's awarded like the lottery. Shelters are turning away folks because they were never set up to handle large amounts of people, especially families. I learned how to appear normal during the day and where to find safe places to sleep at night. When I got my income tax return, I bought a used Minnie Winnebago and it became our home for six years. ...more

I spent a great deal of time homeless as a child and as a teen. I can feel your daughter's pain. ...more