I have been on the verge of tears about Baltimore. I remember someone telling me years ago, when it feels like too much, turn away. I have that luxury, because I am safe. But for the ones who can't turn away, who are living in the face of what it all comes down to  -- the color you were born, my heart stops for them today.  ...more

Steps in Stopping Racial Inequality

We don’t get to choose the color of our eyes or the color of our hair. They make colored contacts and hair dye to change the small things we want to change yet we are left with something that we cannot permanently change with a box of hair dye or contacts we can pick up from our eye doctor-our skin color....more

#Ferguson #Race #WhitePrivilege

              Last week, outside the gym locker rooms, I saw a friend. He’s a great guy, and I also love his wife. We met nearly four years ago when our children started kindergarten together. They are both incredibly successful professionals and their kids are the sort you meet and think, “What terrific kids!” Which of course also means, “What terrific parents.”...more
Parthenia Queen Thank you so much for reading and posting such a thoughtful reply. I agree with ...more

Mine Eyes Have Seen Yon Bullshit

Greetings and God’s blessing upon thee fair readers! How doth it go? It is my hope that all thine household is content and none are wondrous naughty.Doest thou wonder whyfor am I rocking mine tongue olden style? Hark! For I have news!We art now living again in the age of feudal lords, and I did thinkist that we should speak as doth lend us the best ear for the world. Lo, look upon this chart and see thou what I doth mean:...more

Gender & Poverty and the World of Women in the Land of Men

When it comes to the differences between the genders there still remains a difference in men and women.  Women can and do the same jobs that men do. Women  do more both in and out of the home, both with and without children, for and by and with and without families, theirs and others, more and more often than men can and will do for themselves, for others and just because it needs to be done. We birth and we take care of the dead. We do the planting, the harvesting, we clean, and we care. We sow and we reap. ...more

Urban Violence Puts Damper on 4th of July Festive Spirit

(Article first published as Pardon My Pessimistic Patriotism on Technorati.)...more

When the Refrigerator Is Empty: Thinking About the Census Poverty Report

Once there was a Barbie doll who, thanks to feminist activism, was taken off the market. She said this awful phrase, "Math is hard!" Sexism notwithstanding, math is hard for many people, but some math is undeniably clear: Such as over 43 million Americans live in poverty. We all can agree that is "too much, too many." ...more

We all "need to respect and value other people,an obligation that extends from simple courtesy ...more