Oh Joy, What a Family

We've recently started planning for Moose's second birthday and Ike's fourth (how time flies). These milestones have me reflecting on how our family came into existence....more

Supporting and Understanding the Adoptive Family

About eighteen months ago our family expanded through the adoption of two children. We have learned so much and the family and friends who love and support our family have also learned a lot. Though we had previous parenting experience, this journey has had it's own unique joys and challenges. ...more

I Say We're Adopting, You Say...

Last week, I went over to my friend Katie's house to swim in her pool. I came in, dropped my bags and burst into tears, right there in her living room, wearing a swimsuit. The reason? I had just been at the school subbing that morning, and a woman who I'm sure is very nice in real life had said some terrible things to me about adoption. I do not understand why this is. But it's about the 90th time that it's happened to me....more
Ugh I'm so sorry that people did this to you. That is not right at all! FYI, it isn't just ...more