How Kenyan Women Are Decreasing Infant Mortality

After a first full day of learning about home healthcare visits and HIV testing, day 2 of our trip to Kisumu was dedicated to learning about maternal and newborn health in Kenya. ...more
I lived in Kenya for four months while we were evacuated from our work in Somaliland and ...more

Maternal Mortality: A Global Issue Hits Home

I've written at length about my experiences giving birth to my children. I've described - in what I'm sure is, to the average reader, excruciating detail - the challenges that I faced and the difficulties that I endured in giving birth, and I've been completely frank about the fact that I found the whole process terrifying. But I've also always been very clear that I still think that I was very fortunate in those experiences. I did, after all, survive them, as did my babies. ...more
Having had a C-section, a VBAC, and been blogging and ...more

The Unknown War I Fight

Being the mother of a lost child I have noticed there is a war raging and because I am who I am, by default I find myself on one side of the fence.  I don't want to be here.  I don't want to belong.  I didn't even notice the ragging war myself until just recently when someone pointed it out on my blog.  Sure, I knew and understood people would say stupid things because I had been tossed my own fare share and I even have a mental list of "do not says" to a grieving mother I can quickly list off, but war? ...more

A midwife's labor of love

Ruth Lubic is a woman on a mission. At an age when most people would have already retired, she embarked on a new project - starting a midwife-operated birthing center in one of the poorest areas of Washington D.C. The infant mortality rate in D.C. ...more

Ruth Lubic is a heroine. Birth is a natural process, not an illness needing hospitalization. ...more

Let's Celebrate National Women's Health Month

Women’s Health Month- One H.E.A.R.T Tibet ...more