What Ms. B. Monaghan Taught Me About Taking A Stand

When Ms. B. Monaghan’s American Thought & Language class began, my fellow Michigan State University students and I were directed to obtain a three-ring presentation binder.  On the cover of the binder we were to write the title “My Power In My Hand.”  Inside the binder, on page 2, we were to type the general objective of our class: “To become intelligent and compassionate observers of, and participate in, the great human drama going on around us and within us.”...more

Time Takes Stigma To the Max With "Psychotic Nut Job" Mothers

Yesterday I happened upon a story from Time magazine’s Healthland on the results of research into why women kill their newborns. The first three sentences shocked me so much, I couldn't read further to learn about the study: ...more

Thank you for addressing this. People don't understand what can lead a woman to harm or kill her ...more

The Night I Almost Killed My Motherhood

There have been two mornings in my life when I woke up a different person than when I went to sleep.   The first was the day after my dad’s sudden death. I remember waking up and feeling shock, loss, and that I was in completely new territory in my life.   Years later came a similar shock. But it’s one thing to know the victim of death and quite another to know a killer.   My 4-month-old baby had begun a pattern of waking frequently in the night after sleeping through for several weeks....more

Dolphins: The Truth About Our Friends From the Sea

Growing up, in film, TV, and books, I learned that dolphins often help out humans in scary situations such as shark attacks. They will bump the shark away from the human. Other times, humans have been towed nearer to shore by a dolphin or two. Flipper. He was fantastic. Right? ...more

This is ridiculous. Your argument is based on emotional appeal and you aren't thinking ...more