Dear Facebook I've been keeping a secret from you...

Dear Facebook,Over the past 8 years we’ve been through a lot. You’ve met all my friends and family, you’ve been there through my ups and downs and we talk pretty much every day. I’ve always tried to keep you updated on how I’m doing because I want you to know I’m happy and well but the truth is… I haven’t been entirely honest with you....more

I Was Born A Mother

Some people are born salesmen.  Some are born rock stars. And then there are the born winners and of course.....the born losers.  I was born a mom.  This is something I realized only recently. ...more

Being Content During Infertility

Last week I asked the following question in my newsletter and on my Facebook page:  “Besides a BFP, what are your goals for the upcoming year in regards to your fertility?”I received several responses and they all centered around one theme:  being content during infertility no matter the outcome....more

What You Need To Know About Fertility And Infertility Before TTC

I have a lot of girl friends in their early-to-mid thirties who have yet to try to get pregnant. Some are still single and waiting to meet the right man. Others are married, but have decided to wait a little longer before trying to conceive. Given what I now know about fertility and infertility, there are a few things I’d want to tell them. ...more
storkparenting thanks for the share!more

If Infertiles Ruled the World

Yesterday I was thinking about how certain things in society would be different if infertiles were in charge.  Here’s a list of 10 things I came up with.If infertiles ruled the world…… infertility insurance coverage would be the norm, not the exception… treatment choice would not be based on how much money you have… people who were lucky enough to have children would never take them for granted...more

3 Things I Wish I Could Say to My Pregnant Friends

Dear pregnant friend,You may or may not know that I’m struggling with infertility. I need to tell you some things in order to preserve our friendship.I am truly happy for you, but I may need to distance myself for awhile....more

My Baby Prayer and My struggles with infertility

My Baby PrayerMy deepest fear is to be told I can't But science can only say so much I know it's in Gods handsI thought I didn't want one and I thought I wasn't worthy But now when the odds are against me I just ask that you hold me.I ask that you hold me and help me understand Why for some it seems so easy and for me it feels like a bad dealt handFirst PCOS and now Dysplasia its one thing after another It's testing my patience.I've seen this miracle bless my friends and family The joy is evident and it makes me so happy....more
Such a heartfelt prayer and I can definitely relate.  Saying a prayer that you'll get your ...more

10 Tips for Surviving Infertility

If you’ve just been diagnosed with infertility, you may be in shock. Or perhaps, you’ve suspected all along that you would have difficulty conceiving. Either way, I hope you’ll let me share with you some advice I’ve come up after struggling with infertility for the past two years. 1. Do your homework...more
mom21mom2all So sorry to hear you've been through infertility, too, Jane.  Yes, I agree about ...more

My infertility Hope Chest

Hope chests are traditionally kept by young, unmarried women as a place to store the little treasures they’ll use once they get married.  I never had a hope chest when I was single, but it occurred to me today that at each step in my attempt to have a child (and even before I was trying), I’ve created what could be considered an end-of-infertility hope chest.  I don’t have a trunk or chest in which to keep these items.  They’re scattered around my house, and it gave me a little lump in my throat when I gathered them all in one location today....more
MelanieDunne So sorry to hear you're having trouble with #2.  I hope things work out for you and ...more