What Happens When You Reach the Goal? Outgrowing a Goal-Oriented Blog

I didn't start my blog intending for it to have an expiration date. I don't think anyone does. But that is what happens when you write a goal-oriented blog. It happens with cancer blogs where the writers are each hoping for remission, or weight loss blogs where everyone is hoping to get healthy. Reaching your goal means losing your place in the community. Your story is over. You've reached the finish line. Except you haven't. Because there is no finish line when it comes to the need to write your story or gather support through the blogosphere. Especially coming through an experience where charting your journey feels like an emotional necessity. Blogging is a way of documenting a journey, but what happens when the journey veers off into an entirely new direction but your readership remains the same? ...more
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Infertility Blogs

Infertility blogs are a hot topic du jour with articles popping up everywhere from the New York Times to the technology journal, The New Atlantis. Though it begs the question: are infertility blogs a growing force or are we so well-organized that it's easy for an outsider to chart our community growth and outreach? ...more

I recently started a blog on infertility, I started it for a few reasons. One reason is because ...more