My Hiatus is Lifted

My Blogher hiatus has been LONG! Ya'll, my life has been crazy since I last wrote.  I won't even try to write a post here to explain what's been up.  Hop over to my Blogger blog if you want to read up.  Here are the short deets:October 6, 2013:  We transferred 2 embryos from a fresh IVF cycle.October 17, 2013: Found out we were expecting via HPT.October 23rd: Pregnancy confirmed via blood tests....more


It is funny how you have insurance but with fertility issues it seems like it's a figment of my imagination. Having a baby is simple with insurance but wanting and trying to have a baby is a whole other animal. I know our country is run by bankers, corperations, capitalist but sad to say illness, conditions and syndromes seem to make just as much $$ for the good old U.S. of A.  So, someone else who does not really know me or my family's journey gets to decide if I can try all options to have more children - that angers me at times....more

8 Surprising Facts About Modern Mothers

Statistical Trends: 8 Surprising Facts About Modern Mothers Fertility Centers of Illinois provides a current snapshot of present-day motherhood....more