A few days ago, I shared with a few people my blog to give them an insight to my struggle and perhaps give a voice to this silent suffering.  Many young women and couples are plagued with infertility issues but seldom share....often because it is such a raw and emotionally taxing process and sharing is just another way to relive the horror.  But mainly because it's a taboo in most cultures....the concept of infertility is misunderstood by most, and many draw inaccurate conclusions as to the reasons -- a curse? a result of a mishap in one's adolescent years?...more

Why IVF? ...a lil' background

You're probably wondering why a perfectly healthy 32 year old needs IVF to conceive, right?  No?  Well...I'll tell you anyway. I'm 32, 5'4, 136lbs, in good health -- what gives?  Well, it's much more complicated than that. ...more

Quest for New Life

 I'm not even sure where to start so I'll start with now.... ...more
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