Finding myself after infertility

I’m a 30-something wife and mom who has polycystic ovaries.   I enjoy “me” time preferably at a beachy location with a stack of People Magazines.  Some may view this as shallow, but it clears my head.  I completely zone out.  For someone who puts a lot of pressure on them-self, this is a beautiful time.  I love being challenged at work....more

Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition, PCOS, Empowerment and YOU

What would you do to build your family?During Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition airing June 10, 2012, Chris Powell, Trainer for the Morbidly Obese, worked with Jacqui, a client whose motivation to transform her life began when she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)* and learned her current health depleted her fertility by 94%....more

Traditional Chinese Herbs for PCOS: From Theory to Real Life

NOTE: I feel a need to say, once again, that I am NOT an expert in the area of Chinese herbs or traditional Chinese medicine.  Everything outlined in this and the other blog mentioned below is from a study by actual, professional Chinese herbalists.  If you go to the original blog (link below) I have links that will get you to both the original study in Chinese and translated into English....more

Before/After Infertility

Photo courtesy of ...more
I really love this. And I wish I didn't relate to so much of it. Thanks for sharing.more

Ovarian Cysts (PCOS) and Traditional Chinese Medicine

UPDATE:  I was able to find all the herbs needed for this treatment at You can buy the exact amount (in grams) that you need; which is fabulous!  A big THANK YOU to Meg for suggesting them to me! :-)A few weeks ago, Mr. C shared with me a study on the curing of ovarian cysts in polycystic ovarian syndrome; which by now, if you read my blog, you know that I have....more

High Carb/Low Carb Fruit

Berries like those above tend to...more

Reminding God of His Promises

Just a few, short weeks ago, Mr. C and I threw our hands up and said, "Enough."  I remember it clearly.  I had announced the night before that if there were no follicles ready to trigger by the next day (CD 22), that we would be done TTC with medication; and sure enough, as I lay on the examination table, my legs in stirrups for the millionth time it seemed, the screen on the wall before me showed a whole lot of nothing....more

[Un]Father's Day

Dear Mr. C,I had so many plans for today.  I was somehow thinking in my deepest of dreams that we would be pregnant on this day; and I had lots of fun things whirling in my mind's eye for you....more

Decisions, Decisions, IMPORTANT Decisions

I had *nearly* forgotten what the adoption process was like...but not quite.  It's still as nerve-wrecking and stressful as always.  Don't get me wrong, I'm really looking forward to it all - even the messy parts; but it doesn't make it any easier....more

Uterus on Vacation: Permanently?

A representation of my uterus (i...more