Bless My Stupid Heart

Fifteen years ago, I kept a journal of sorts for a writing exercise. Each morning, I wrote three pages of stream of consciousness writing....more

Would You Give Your Spouse a Hall Pass?

So I had the house to myself tonight, and although I could have done many things, I found myself over on the Huffington Post reading about the failed ALS Ice Bucket Challenges and Sarah Jessica Parker's participation in her friend's weekend wedding, when this story of a cheating suburban mom caught my eye. ...more
OlderAndWiser Well, how did it all go? I hope you do come back and share your experience.more

Do past memories dictate present realities?

Why do we remember? Why is it that sometimes we can remember friends from time's past, and have a harder time remembering what we had for lunch a few hours ago? How is it that thinking intently about something, or someone, brings them into reality? Why do we have memories, at all? I ponder these questions in the hopes of providing some type of therapy for myself, and, my friends. There are times when I wish I could forget. Wish certain people, places, and events would escape my thoughts all together instead of plaguing me like a sickness day in, and day out....more

Is Cybersex Cheating?

YES. Cybersex is cheating.  You said:  "Sexting, ‘emotional friends,’ webcams, and porn are ...more