The World Doesn't Need Your Words

Emily Wenstrom | Read more at Creative Juicer | Follow me on Twitter“The world needs your words.”This sentence is from Jeff Goins. I’ve read it in his posts on his (very fantastic) blog several times. It’s his call to action and—it’s quite clear—part of his worldview.Jeff, I have great respect for you. I love your blog. But every time I read this, it trips me up a little bit....more

Mommy Learns to Behave in a Store

The other day I was talking myself through the In-Store-Behavior-Malfunction that seems to be something every mother struggles through with her children. When I am the one with the incredible leisure moment of getting to go to the store by myself, and just wander around looking for the things I need, getting distracted by the things I don't need, and not having to raise my voice at anyone, it feels like a vacation....more

24 Hours Unplugged & I Lived to Blog About It

 Have you ever pitched a tent and camped out in your backyard?  It’s not exactly the same as sleeping in a tent in the middle of the woods.  When I considered doing a day unplugged with my family, I didn’t want to just “campout in the backyard.”  If we were going to do it, we were going to really do it, except that by “really do it” I mean more 90’s style than fully Amish.Here were the rules:...more
I'm sure my 6 year-old would have a similar reaction to not having my ipod. This sounds like so ...more

Self-Destructing Artifacts: Procrastinating the Inevitable Tweet

Some years ago, I had a fantasy about digital bumper stickers on cars and how wonderful it would be if we could communicate real information (“Get off of my tail”; “baby napping in back seat– drive around”; “new to the neighborhood–drive around”) on demand to anyone looking....more

Is Google Search Destroying Your Memory?

Science Magazine published an article this week titled Google Effects on Memory: Cognitive Consequences of Having Information at Our Fingertips. Translated into nonscientific terms, the consequences seem to be that we are forgetting everything we once remembered. Image: Tangled Mess by mlkeewa ...more

I respectfully beg to differ.

A distinction must be made between two terms.

Information is ...more

We Live in a McINFO World

We Live in a McINFO World We l...more