Q&A: What is Consent?

There aren’t a whole lot of rules regarding sex, except for this one, which is infallible and should be unbreakable under any circumstance. This one rule is consent....more

Breast Implants: If a Woman Gives Consent, Does It Mean She’s Informed?

I could rattle off a million reasons why women should not get breast implants. But at the top of my list, and what I have spent my life working on, is the issue of informed consent – a patient fully understanding the risks of this cosmetic surgery before going under the knife. Of course, in my biased opinion, anyone who chooses to undergo breast augmentation clearly does not have a good understanding of what could happen or they wouldn’t do it! ...more

Respected Women's Health Advocate and Industry Consultant Co-Author Measured Article on Informed Consent for Breast Implants

The supplement to December’s Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgery is all about breast implants. The editorial, “What Do Women Need to Know and When Do They Need to Know It?” is significant and important. ...more