An Open Letter to Ann Romney: Stop Misleading Women

An Open Letter to Ann Romney: Stop Misleading WomenDear Mrs. Romney,I’ve got a story for you....more
very well put! A sigh of relief or women's rights.more


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Life Lessons #4: Not all politicians are crooks

As a matter of fact the vast majority of people who run for public office are decent, hard working people. Believe it or not, if you are a crook there are a lot of easier ways to earn your ill-gotten gains – dentistry springs to mind.  I worked in the office of a provincial cabinet minister way in those distant times when the natural born rulers of B. C., the Social Credit Party, still roamed the halls of the Legislature. While our politics didn’t exactly match, I did find myself respecting the man I worked for and the office he represented. ...more
There are honest people in politics the ones that make change for the better. They are also the ...more