Sting Cuts His Children Out of His Will. Could You Do the Same?

I'm glad Sting didn't have a chance to talk to my dad before he died. He would have really poisoned my deal. Sting announced today that he wouldn't be leaving his $300 million to his six children, but intended to spend it instead; he said he expected them to make their own way in the world. He didn't want his children to have the albatross of trust funds around their necks. I understand but wonder. ...more
Personally, I believe he should leave it to them even if he has to place stipulations on when ...more

Afraid of their Adult Children

Abuse of parents is a silent problem, prevalent at all income levels but not widely discussed. A web search for information about adult children who abuse their parents focuses on financial and physical abuse. Little is available about emotional and verbal abuse.Parents who are bullied or mistreated by their adult children have trouble admitting it to others. Many put up with the bad treatment because they don’t want to end a relationship with a child whom they love. Some need their child’s help with care giving. Others fear the consequences of being open about their feelings....more

Family Not Entitled to Inheritance

Most people think that kids are entitled by law to their parents' estate. However, there is no law in the U.S. that requires people to leave an inheritance for their children, grandchildren or other family members. This concept is called 'testamentary freedom' .That means children receive an inheritance because parents choose to leave it to them. Inheritance lies not in the genes, but in the heart. So it seems it's all about the quality of relationship, not family ties....more
True....mostly. If you have a will and you don't include your children but you also don't ...more

My Recipes Is My Legacy to My Children

(Acts 3:6) “Silver and gold have I none.” I have no buried treasure for my children to find when I am gone, nothing hidden behind locked doors or chests, no jewels, no bags of money—simply no riches to speak of. And even though I am not a chef with a degree, my “culinary” training, if you will, was given to me at home. I learned as my mother learned, and her mother before her: a pinch here, a handful there, a spoonful, a cup’s worth. But God gave me talent for understanding how to cook—how to assemble and put flavors together. Therein lays my talents....more

Hi Elaine,

I think that it is really great of BlogHer to feature some of our blogs. It really ...more

The Concept of Royalty Bothers Me

Okay, the royal wedding is over, and yes I am purposively using lower case.  I understand that bright colors, sparkly things, and lifestyles that read like fairy tales can be attractive.  They do draw attention, and in that sense they are truly attractive. ...more

I see your point. I'm more of a covert ops type person myself .... I am a semiotic ...more

Grandpas and Golddiggers

George Johnson is 74-years-old. He recently sold the business he founded 30 years earlier. He has three children and five grandchildren. He was widowed three years ago when his wife died of cancer.   ...more

The World at Our Fingertips: Finding a Link to Another Attorney/Mom/Blogger

Our world is getting smaller all the time....more

How Warren Buffett Shows Love

I admire Warren Buffett, not because of his wealth, but because of his lack of pretention. He doesn't believe that giving money to his kids equates with giving them love. He wanted them to carve out their own path. He believed that 'setting them up with unlimited wealth is harmful and an anti-social act.'  ...more

How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

How one wants to be remembered is not only about a legacy left after we die, it is also about the small memories that we leave behind us in each encounter – large and small. I have found myself wondering how others would remember me. ...more

The Gene Pool

This is a photo of my dad on his first birthday, on January 20, 1926. He would have been 85 this year; he passed away at 47 years old, a lifetime ago.My brother David (check out his site) inherited his brains (and yep, that is one big ole head!). And yes, Pakman, I will never be able to compete with my brother....more