Is it too late for Botox?

Who can honestly raise their hand and say that they've had Botox? These days Botox & dermal fillers are so common it's discussed as a typical beauty must. I started getting Botox at a young age. Why? At 24 I was already showing aging signs from facial mannerisms that were genetic. Squinting from glasses and contacts produced early crows feet. I was fortunate to have insurance that covered it. Even after that policy was done away with I continued to get Botox and eventually added fillers to my regimen. This winter we moved from Weatern NY to Sarasota Florida....more

Cosmetic Dermal Fillers: Don’t Mess with My Emotions!

I used to think dermal fillers & injectables were cosmetic candy and admittedly, I’m no stranger to cosmetic surgery, though I’ve never had work done on my face. But I caved. It was a week before my wedding and I wanted to look perfect in every way, so I did it; I had cosmetic dermal filler injections to diminish my wrinkles. ...more
My mom gets fillers all the time but I think it takes away the warmth of when she smiles- call ...more

Discounting Dysport - Is It Ethical?

The New York Times published an article about Dysport’s new advertising claim that offers rebates to consumers if they try the product or even a rebate on Botox if the consumer is unhappy with Dysport.  Both Botox and Dysport are purified forms of botulinum toxin that when injected into the skin result in the temporary freezing of muscles so that skin, particularly on the forehead, appe...more