10 Times Actors Have Been Seriously Injured on Set

 While viewing films, something that often crosses my mind is "they have to sometimes get hurt doing this crazy shit." On a whim I looked up instances of actors getting hurt during filming. I have compiled a few times the show really did have to go on....more

Forty Year Friendship, NaBloPoMo Day 13

 My best friend from forever is visiting this weekend.One of the earliest memories I have of her, aside from how we met,is of her falling down the slide in grade school....more

I Bruise Easily

As I close the blinds in the kitchen and pull down my pyjama bottoms, I'm sure I see a hopeful glint in Rob's eyes. Just as quickly the glint is extinguished as he looks down at the state of my legs. 'Have you seen the size of this bruise?' I ask. I turn my head and look down at the garish purple monstrosity on the back of my leg. In the middle, a nice gash, which I am now prodding to see if it hurts!...more

Behind My Back

Behind My backNovember 13, 2013 by Zoie at TouchstoneZPain is inevitable. Suffering is optional~Buddha...more

Typing with Thumbs - Maybe Won't Blog for a Bit!

Last night, I was filling the tea kettle that sits on top of the wood-burning stove. Had hot pads, but it was bone dry and steam shot up at me. Emergency room doc said that is hotter than boiling water. So they gave me a shot of pain killer, slathered the blisters with a thick frosting of antibiotics and wrapped me like a mummy.I wont be writing for a while, but I will be reading and sleeping more than I've had a chance to for ages....more


I hurt myself on Friday.  I was a year-round, three sport a year athlete as a youngster and have worked out fairly regularly all of my adulthood.  Amazingly this is my first sports-related injury ever, aside from those blows that landed squarely on the crotch of my ego.  My mother would say my body shook off pain like a dog shakes off water because I am “built like a brick shit house.”  In my life I have leaned more toward injuries related to doing things like driving cars and walking down stairs, activities that I deem very high risk and with good reason.  ...more
OMG. I freak out. I can't be immobile; I go crazy in my head. I usually lay off it as long as ...more

Piri what, piri who??

I hope everyone likes my Jay Z reference......more