5 Benefits of Having a Personal Injury Lawyer.

We all know that there are multiple benefits of having a personal injury lawyer who can represent you in cases of personal injury. Lawyers know how to handle legal matters and many useful facts that most of the average individuals don't.  ...more

Training Through Injury

I found out at the end of last year that I had been chosen to be a product tester for a new resistance activewear company called Physiclo.  They were doing a research study to see if wearing their product while training helped athletes to improve their personal best times in the half marathon and full marathon. I was beyond excited when they chose me to be one of the participants. ...more

Single Moms: You're Stronger Than You Think You Are

This is what single-motherhood looks like: 8-year-old in the back seat, bleeding profusely from a bone-deep gash on her knee, paper towels soaked in her blood beneath a dish towel I tied in a hasty knot around her leg. Her 6-year-old sister, so queasy from the sight of the wound that her face is not green but grey, holding a mixing bowl in her lap and a wad of napkins in her hand. It's nearing their bedtime, we never got to eat the dinner I made, I'm nursing a burn on my forearm from my haste to get the dinner out of the oven, the sleepover guest was sent home in a tearful, frightened rush, and I'm racing toward the clinic that will stitch my daughter up, all the while reassuring her that she's fine, it isn't that bad, it won't hurt much. ...more
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Muscle Injury: Should You Stop Exercising?

If you have a muscle injury, getting advice from a doctor or physical therapist is critical to coming back from an injury.  But, stopping all exercise may not be the recommended solution.  For issues such as shoulder strain, C. David Geier, MD, director of sports medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) in Charleston explains that impingement is usually the cause of the pain.  It occurs when the space between your rotator cuff muscles and the bone on top of your shoulder narrows, pinching the tendons....more


SEVERAL years ago I shattered the end of my ulna and destroyed the cartlidge in my wrist.  I lost most of my motion in my wrist at that point.  Recently actually February 12, 2013 my wrist was totally fused.  ...more

Pleasant Woman, Interesting Problem.

I’ve been in a Four-Alarm Funk since this happened.  Agony does not bring out the best in me.  I am lucky my family hasn’t put me by the side of the road with a “Free To ANY Home” sign stuck to me.  I’ve been miserable all day, every day – for four months.  No relief. ...more

Good Saturday Morning

Because not cooking is not an option.

It was silly of me to think I could get through a holiday without any sort of ridiculous issue.  For years now, I manage to have some sort of illness that totally screws up the holiday season....more