Meditation 101

By Wendy Reyes for I have always heard about meditation, but I never showed interest. I was born naturally high and hyper, the idea of spending time trying to quiet my mind…let’s just say, I thought that it was impossible. I’m a huge fan of the TEDx videos on YouTube and one of the most viewed it is from Dr. Daniel Amen (a genius!)  called “Change your Brain.  Change your Life” as his book, based on brain image scans and healthy habits’ changes....more

My Journey into and out of Silence

 Being silent is something that doesn't come easily to me. I'm always talking to someone, listening to music, or reading (Facebook, a novel, or live updates to a baseball game....more

How to Invest in Yourself

"Invest in yourself and people will invest in you." -Andrea C. ImafidonHow many times have you denied yourself of something you need, such as a financial coach, mentor, or investment in your business? How many times you said you cannot afford something but you splurge your money and time on mindless shopping, going out to eat, switching hairdos weekly and other things that don't serve your purpose? I am all for looking beautiful, but don't you think it is time for you invest in your inner beauty and essence to match the outside?...more
marjo Thank you for reading the article! We have to constantly remind ourselves that our inner ...more