Lost and found.

I got lost on my run today. I guess that’s what I get for turning down a random path I found in the woods (it was well-marked parents, don’t worry). I ended up on some road and had no idea how to get home but I got there eventually. Here’s the thing about getting lost: sometimes it’s fun. If you have the time and no place to be (and it’s not a hot July day), then it’s pretty nice actually. It’s not so much getting lost as it is wandering and just wandering can be good. It can be refreshing. You almost always learn something new after....more

Tiger Lillies Usher in July's Heat and Passion and Usher Out a Misfit Chorus of Inner Critics

And just like that -- the tiger lilies bloom -- ushering in July's heat and passion....more

The Inner Critic, Fired

It is very late. Almost midnight. I have just 20 minutes to check my post and actually post it before the day ends. But I will do it. I promised that I would bring myself each day and write. I had a few ideas ready to go. After spending hours looking through job ads, reading responsibilities and qualifications for thoses jobs, I needed to go back a little ways. This was a post I wrote several months ago when I was starting to write again after a very long break. The Inner Critic...more

Teach Your Inner Critic How to Heal

Everybody has an Inner Critic (or two or three). Your Inner Critic is that shadowy voice of negativity that makes itself known inside every human being. No one is immune. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Have you heard that one? Thinking about the Inner Critic reminds us of the wisdom of that statement. The question is not whether you have an Inner Critic, but whether you know how to manage the monster. ...more

Inner Critic

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Inner Critic

My inner critic is something that I have just started thinking about. What is an inner critic? What is mine saying to me? How influential is she in my life?The inner critic develops as a way to learn appropriate social behavior. Our parents chastised us when we acted inappropriately, and we internalized those messages. On that level, it can be healthy. However, if someone has a parent who is overcritical or sends negative messages, then they will also internalize those messages....more

I Am A Supremacist

Maybe they cannot relate to you anymore. I would suggest sticking with topics that are relevant ...more

Finding Abundance by Facing Your Inner Critic

by Dana TheusI discovered recently that to release my inner critic – silencing his nattering in my ears – I had to meet him first. I’m working on some big stuff; working to make big things happen for myself, my family, my clients and for Owning Pink. This is BIG STUFF and I realized that to make BIG STUFF happen I was going to need some BIG ALLIES and so I reached out to God, the Universe and Everything and made The Big Ask. I mean, why not? Isn’t that what all the gurus say to do?...more