Old photo of my now 26 year old daughter......more

Being One's Self

The one blog I followed "Vagabond Journeys" is no longer as the man who wrote it died last summer. However, I still remember an entry he wrote that hit close to home and I go back to it from time to time. It's about forgiveness and forgiving one's self. As I sit here this morning snarled up with self-loathing and worries about my future financial status, I realize that it's all just trash that gets in the way of what I have truly put myself upon a path to do: that is to create in both written form and artistic form....more

Santa Maria Pine Cone

A long time ago I lived in a ranch house in Santa Maria, a coastal town in Central California. I might still be there to this day had I not been so lonesome for my two small daughters, who were located on the opposite side of this great continent. Every day I would go out into the backyard, pick apricots from the tree and then plop myself down on a lounger and eat a few of them. I never remember it raining in Santa Maria. The world seemed timeless with clear blue skies and no humidity in the air, the temperature hovering between 70 and 77....more