Tell Them Who You Are

You are perfect in an imperfect way. Why are you hiding behind your accomplishments and the “should be’s”? You are who you are supposed to be at this moment. No worse or better than what you think you ought to be. When you spend so much thinking of how you could be if you were to have certain other qualities, then you won’t be able to accomplish what you are meant to do here. You are all interconnected with each other. If you were to be someone else and not yourself, how would you accomplish what you need to do in the moment that is crucial to your future....more

Gettin Lost In Your Freedom

It is not in the knowing that you get lost, but in your freedom. The universe allows you to have the freedom to do as you wish within the time that you need, but this allows you time for confusion. In your indecision, you sometimes stop in your tracks because there are too many options for you. The constant barrage of questions seem non-ending. There is little instructions that the universe gives to you and yet you need more. It's not that you are helpless, far from that, it is like that of a child, you need to learn to make decisions wisely....more

Which "One" Am I?

My brother is here for the holiday weekend. He's the only one that actually stayed home while the rest of us uprooted here for some reason that I still have trouble explaining to people. It's rather unusual that we all ended up moving our lives to the midwest while my brother remains in Sunny California. Most people here would think we've been living in the midwest and he was the one that went off to live the glamourous LA life....more

The End of My Age of Innocence

So today is my last day of being 25. The first quarter of my life and it feels like the end of an era. Now comes the future and what I call the age of "I should have known better." It's no question now that I am an adult. A young adult, but a grown up nonetheless. I have bills, rent, debt, and responsibilities including (probably the most important) a responsibility to myself. I do not have any children at the moment, but I am taking the steps to become the person I want to be for when that blessed day comes....more

Has Anyone Seen My Groove?

 Ten years ago this November is when I met the love of my life.   It's hard to believe that I have been with one person for this many years.  We married in 2002 and have two children.  I met him when I was on the verge of turning thirty, and now I am on the verge of turning forty.    ...more


While these past two days I've been dealing with criticism from my aunt and another person who I don't know very well. At first it made me feel bad because I do have low self esteem and I felt the criticism was unnecessary. But the slogan "live and let live" made me realize that my aunt and this other person are there own people. They have there own journey in this life. Yes it hurts but I don't need to let it consume me. I decided not to say anything to them about there comments and I am going to let it go. ...more