Interview with Deborah Perry Piscione, Secrets of Silicon Valley Author

After almost two decades working in Washington DC on Capitol Hill, in The White House, and in the media as a political commentator for CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, Deborah Perry Piscione moved to Silicon Valley. What she discovered there shocked her. The hidden secrets inherent in the unique ecosystem that is Silicon Valley are ones that everyone could benefit from. This is what inspired her to write Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Everyone Else Can Learn From the Innovation Capital of the World. ...more
that is a freakishly airbrushed picture.more

What is Your Business IQ?

The question is not related to your personal or business intelligence, it is your business Innovation Quotient (IQ).  Your business IQ is connected to how you manage change and performance improvements in all facets of your organization, from operations to product....more

Do you believe the saying that with great risks come great rewards?

By Mary Hill  "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." Today's suggested prompt on Blogher is about risk taking. "Do you believe the saying that with great risks come great rewards?" I do believe this statement. You only have to look at history to see how true this saying is....more

10 Ways to Help Quiet People Thrive

Not every leader is an extroverted, outspoken person. In fact there is untapped brilliance within the quieter people in the workplace. As one of those more introverted, quiet people, I could totally appreciate this post from Leadership Freak Dan Rockwell in which he gives us ways to "deal with" the quiet people. ...more
NO. I think some articles are trying to me to STFU. HA!more

Do Extroverts Make More Money than Introverts?

There is an assumption out there that extroverts make more money than introverts. But is that really so? ...more
Brilliant Summary! I am a very comfortable introvert operating successfully in a very extrovert ...more

SNAP CRACKLE AND POP And How to Get new Ideas to Run Your Business.

 Timmy’s Mom had three boys, Snap, Crackle and……Did you say Pop?Well the answer is Timmy.This was the way speaker Steve Robbins CHANGE  started his talk at an event where I was presenting....more

Innovative Leadership 101: Develop a Perspective Protocol

Sometimes we have to accept the reality that innovation can’t always be planned,  but when we find a pattern to help us increase the likelihood of spontaneity – why not try to learn it and bake it into the corporate culture?...more

Sanity Challenge: Powerful Bosses Don't Listen

And you thought it was just you.New research confirms that the more power(*) a manager or leader has, the more likely they are to ignore advice....more

Planning On Inefficiency

I recently - accidentally - launched a new web site. I didn't mean to, really. It just happened because what I'd planned to do next year was just less costly to do now. So now I have an imperfect web site (because it went up without much/any planning) and customers are actually using it....more