The Antidote for Toxic Corporate Culture

In a recent leadership development workshop I ran, one woman bravely spoke her truth about the reality of the toxic corporate culture they all worked in. It was dysfunctional. Managers were petty and their pettiness was only overshadowed by the pettiness of the leaders above them. All these great ideas we were generating in the training - all this great energy – how could they keep it alive when everyone went back to their regularly scheduled work life the next day? ...more
Thanks Dana! You are so right - integrity can be a leading piece of impacting change in any ...more

Planning On Inefficiency

I recently - accidentally - launched a new web site. I didn't mean to, really. It just happened because what I'd planned to do next year was just less costly to do now. So now I have an imperfect web site (because it went up without much/any planning) and customers are actually using it....more

Authenticity is Your Ticket To the Top

I'm proud to share that I just had a major Op Ed piece posted to The Glass Hammer - a preeminent professional woman's blog. Here's a short summary and I encourage you to read the full article on The Glass Hammer for the executive coaching advice at the end....more

5 Ways to Advance Amid Dysfunction

Old boss - mentoring and advancement opportunities. New boss - frustration, competition, neglect, stupidity and powerlessness.What's your strategy for getting ahead now?...more

The Ironies of Failure

If we’ve read one “fail fast” article lately, we’ve read a million. Failure is an option!...more

Solopreneurship – 3 Oxymoronic Ways to Climb The Corporate Ladder

What does it mean to be IN power when you’re working for yourself?...more

Men Are Rewarded More Often for Speaking their Truth? Really?

I ran a survey last month asking people about their experiences with Speaking Truth to Power. One hundred and fifty five professionals – mostly women – responded and said loud and clear that: ...more
@Gloria Feldt Gloria, Love the "wear the shirt" analogy because it IS all about taking a stand - ...more

Take Back Your Power – Watch Your Language (Part II)

This is the fourth post in the Take Back Your Power series of posts....more

Speak Truth High Risk/Reward - (Survey Results)

The boss says s/he wants to know what’s on your mind, but do they really? Really?High Risk...more