You Are Enough

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Intimidations' Mask

This last week I have learned much from watching myself respond or not, to people who were, shall we say, not in their best grounded state of being. I am being extremely diplomatic , in describing them; where in the comfort of my own home, I have let my mouth wander...I don't get intimidated easily, in fact one of the things I have learned in my business is, that money, power, influence are nothing to someone who is hurting or struggling, and we all feel things that are painful. Vulnerability holds no affluence, it taps us all on the shoulder asking for some ~real. Some raw....more

Insecure Pretty Girls

So I have this "friend" who won't give a guy the time of day unless he's gorgeous. She's quite attractive herself, oddly though, it's not really her prettiness that compels her to set such high superficial standards.Although, if you ask her she might say it is.I have an altogether different theory....more

Validation and Your Self Esteem: Indicators to Think About

Heading Out …When I retired from the military I thought “YAY!  I am free to be whatever I want!”And then I went right back to the same old thing … but as a contractor.  Less respect, less appreciation, less pay, and a new found sense of discontent at work – something I’d never known before.So when the opportunity arrived to retire “for real,” I did it.And I was sure that I would be off and running to my new life of ONLY doing things that make me happy.In search of …I wrote a book last year – even while I was working full time....more

Drunk Love: Drinking Up My Kids

Having kids changes things. It forces you to think beyond yourself, beyond coffee, beyond 4:00 pm, beyond dinner, beyond bedtime. You are planning and praying and cooking and cleaning, and then the next day you just hit repeat with different color t-shirts and different vegetables. ...more
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Feeling Too Fat for Family Pictures? Value Family Over Fat!

Listen. I hear you. You're a few pounds heavier than you like (or a 100lbs heavier than you like). I completely understand how you feel. I get that same blah feeling about myself when I think about booking new head shots or long overdue pictures of me and Justin. Precious, I even picked a career that has me permanently behind the camera rather than in front of it. Seeing myself in pictures actually produces the faintest sick feeling in my stomach....more
Today is my son's second birthday and we are using it as an excuse to take family pictures. I ...more

What Should My Blog Be When It Grows Up?

I’m not sure what I want my blog to be. This isn't news; I've had it for a decade and I've never known. Is it a platform for social-media geekery? It was for a while. Is it about health and fitness? Occasionally. How about personal musings? That's the hard one. One of the things I love best about blogs is when you really get wrapped up in the author.  It's not just well-chosen words; it's the honesty and the passion and the truth behind those words. That's always terrified me. ...more

What Are You Hiding Behind Your Mask?

It’s been a long while since I participated in BlogHer‘s NaBloPoMo – 5 months to be exact....more

Are You an Insecure Writer?

I am such an insecure writer that it has taken me no fewer than seven sentence changes to decide how to open this article.  And then, if that last sentence makes the cut, I will spend at least twenty-four hours worrying that I made the wrong decision for my opener.  I will also relentlessly check my stats, wondering all the while if my content is strong enough, interesting enough, informative enough, or just plain old good enough.  I will wonder why there aren’t more comments at the end of the post or, if anyone does decide to comment, I will visit their blogs and wo ...more
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This past weekend, as everyone everywhere lauded mothers and grandmothers and stepmothers and den mothers…I was far from forgotten.I got cards and aloe plants and an app for my phone that lets me pretend to run from zombies.My husband was just as sweet and accommodating as he always is on days like that. For some reason it always means so much to me when I get mentioned on his facebook or other public forum. It’s very high school and probably a reflection of some deep seated problem, but it makes me all warm and fuzzy. He knows this. He indulged me....more