The Wake Up Call

Here’s the thing: we’re all busy. It’s so easy to get into the groove of waking up in the cold and dark of early morning, hitting the ground running, and not stopping until you crash late in the night, way past the time when you said you’d put yourself to bed so that you’d be more rested tomorrow when you do it all over again. I was in that same grind. It wasn’t even a bad place to be, it was just life. And then life took a left turn I didn’t see coming. It started out innocently enough....more

How BlogHer '12 Prepared Me for Ants

The BlogHer '12 conference, held this weekend in New York, was by far the best thing I could have done for myself. Connecting with the women behind the supportive comments, Sparkles and shares solidified BlogHer as a tangible community, not just another slice - albeit a very large slice - of the internet....more
 @Laine Griffin Hi, Laine! I'm still giddy about the weekend myself. There really were a lot of ...more