This is what happens to your body when you don’t get enough sleep

We all know that sleep is important. And yet, in our modern, fast-paced culture, we get far less of it than we should. Professional adults and/or parents seem to suffer a great deal from sleep deprivation, as busy schedules, responsibilities, and timing constraints cut into hours that could be spent catching up on it. ...more

The Natural Way To Fall Asleep, Backed By Science

Falling asleep is never easy. It should be easy, but for most of us, insomnia is right around the pillow corner, waiting to torment us each night. About one third of the entire population of US suffers from this sleep issue, which is more common in women. If your dear husband is snoring loudly while you struggle to fall asleep, in order to get at least couple of hours of sleep. Lack of sleep leads to a lot of serious health problems, from memory impairment to weight gain and an acute lack of sense of humor, so you definitely try to go beyond the regular advice....more

15 Things to Do When You Can't Sleep

 A common problem that many of us face on this side of 50 is insomnia. That is what I have been dealing with lately and I know many of you suffer from it too. I know this because I see you liking and commenting on Facebook posts at all hours of the night!...more

5 Ways to trick your body into managing your insomnia

This post first appeared on Mona Andrei's personal blog, Moxie-Dude.Last night as I was lying in bed, tossing and turning and trying not to pull a muscle, I got to thinking about the many ways I trick my body into falling asleep.Now before you go and accuse me of plotting against my own body, know that I’m of the quasi-belief that my body is my temple. (And by temple I mean well-loved shed.)...more

Sleep Friendly Foods – How to Fight Insomnia by Eating the Right Foods

It seems that getting eight hours of sleep daily can be a challenge. The pressure of earning a living, raising a family and taking care of everyday issues can push sleep to the bottom of the daily to-do list....more

A 24 Hour Day: Sleep 8 Hours

I start with sleep.  Not because it lops off our biggest chunk of the day, but because if you go long enough sleep is uncontrollable.  Sleep will literally overtake your body without you knowing it.  Ironic, as sometimes your body doesn't go to sleep when you want it to....more

I've been sleeping around and I'm exhausted

I vacated our marital bed two weeks ago after my husband underwent surgery to remove a growth in his ear. Neither of us slept much the night after the mastoidectomy. Peter was hyped up on steroids given to reduce swelling and catching up on all the cigarettes he couldn’t smoke during his ten hours in the hospital. I kept getting up to make sure he wasn’t bleeding to death. I ended up dozing in our recliner.When Peter finally crashed the following evening, I cautiously joined him in bed. The next morning, Peter encouraged my exodus....more

Insomnia in Fibromyalgia - shutting off the manic mind

I've had this problem for years and years.  Insomnia and being unable to shut off my mind.  I can't attribute it exclusively to fibromyalgia, as my insomnia has been decades-long, and in my particular case it hasn't got much to do with my fibro.  It's just a coincidence that insomnia and/or sleep disorders are also part of fibro.  Sort of a chicken and egg thing -- I don't know which came first.  Perhaps the insomnia and sleep disorder caused the fibro.  Who the hell knows?  And at this point, after all these years, does it matter?  I deal....more

Twelve Oh One

Twelve Oh One12:01...more

Ante Meridian Thoughts

3:43 AM is when you sit back in your office chair and listen to your house. You can hear the creaks and pops as it settles. The wind as it rattles against a loose shingle. You can hear the train as it goes by some five miles away.You’d think it’d be lonely.It isn’t, though. It’s strangely full of content. The people you love are asleep, just down the hall. The cat is purring and bashing his head into your foot.It’s almost time to go to bed. Finish the final dregs of my tea. Wrap my fleecy blanket around me and snuggle into my comfortable bed....more