The Joys of Insomnia - yes, there ARE some!

Suffer from insomnia? It's not so bad, actually... I have a major crush…and my crush, dammit, is playing hard to get....more
ravenonhealth: Sweet dreams back at you! Thx for the comment...and the tip on melatonin!more

Sunday Short-term Goals - A day late

Sorry y’all for being a day late, but I was so excited about moving to just one band on my pull-up program that I forgot to update my goals for this week....more

Nighttime, Early Mornings, and Insomnia

One of the NaBloPoMo prompts is: Are you a morning person or a night owl?...more

A Cure For My Insomnia?

I have suffered with insomnia for decades. Honestly, I have tried nearly every herbal remedy beginning with Chamomile (lame at best), Valerian which smells and tastes like manure (I held my nose and swallowed), Kava, Braca spray and numerous other herbal cocktails. There's been Benadryl, Unisom sleep and lots of Melatonin, all to no avail. I stay open minded to almost anything anyone suggests, much like I did when my son suffered with colic and someone suggested I put salt in his water bottle. When you are desperate you will do just about anything! ...more
@difbutdeterm Yes I have heard of this. And have also heard that there is no real treatment or ...more

It's 2:30 am -Boy, do I miss my pillow....

I am up because I have been fighting itchiness…mosquito bites,dry skin, too much acid in my system, ala strawberries andblueberries…you name it. To try to fall back to sleep,well, I have to be up in three hours anyhow.There is no help from Jim, who crashes and burns around 1 AM-I am asleep, he gets to bed and ta-dah! I am awake. ...more

Let the Baby Cry It Out? Here's What Happens 15 Years Later...

Our firstborn could never fall asleep on his own as a baby.  We did not let him cry it out, although we tried...once.  We w...more

My 20-Year Battle With Insomnia: I’m Ready to Fight Back

I am a terrible sleeper. I haven't always had trouble sleeping, but I can trace my nearly 20 year battle with insomnia to my years in graduate school. My grad program was a very challenging one, and most of it took place in my second language. The reading eluded me, and I don't think there was a single day when I could say I felt caught up. Add to that the fact that most of my courses were on Monday and Tuesday, and it meant that Sundays were incredibly anxiety-provoking. ...more
Hi Lisa.  I know this is an old blog, but I just found it and thought I'd throw out another easy ...more

AIA (Ambien Induced Antics)

Apparently, I think I'm I.M. Pei or Frank Lloyd Wright in the Ambien world.While in college (several years ago), I had a severe case of insomnia.  I would go 3 or 4 days on only a couple of hours of sleep.  It wasn't working for me.  I thought I was going crazy, so the doctor introduced me to the sleep aid, Ambien.It worked.  It worked really well, except that I would do things at night that I was unsure of in the morning....more

Friday Wrap-Up

This week has been interesting and I'm glad that it's almost over.My insomnia came back to visit & I did not invite it in. I do not want to go through another long spell of sleeplessness. I don't have the time, energy or want of it. Too much stressing about jobs, money, etc. You know, life stuff. Time to bring what matters & my goals back into focus....more