Health is Wealth series: Sleep - "The best cure for insomnia is to get a lot of sleep" W.C. Fields

"I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I'm awake, you know?"  Ernest Hemingway"If you can't sleep, then get up and do something instead of lying there worrying. It's the worry that gets you, not the lack of sleep."  Dale Carnegie...more

Happy thought #30: Sleep

How sweet it is to sleep.  Oh, that my dreams of sleep might awaken to reality, and my reality drift off into sleep.

Happy thought #21: My brown floppy hat

I'm slightly overjoyed with my floppy brown hat at the moment.  I have trouble sleeping sometimes...okay, a lot of the time.  At home I sleep in a very dark room.  Any light keeps me up.  Some sounds, like the sound of the dishwasher, hums me to sleep, but other sounds, like noises I don't recognize, noises I want to investigate, or turn off, keep me alert....more

Unsettled – a journal entry of insomnia from the not-too-distant-past

I feel restless today. Why am I so anxious?I write, I clean, I organize.  I’ve reached a new plateau.  It took me weeks, actually months, to organize some bills.  I couldn’t see how to process the piles of papers.  For the first time in over a month my accomplishment was more than writing.I’ve done a lot today.  More than I’ve been able to do in weeks, but I’m unsatisfied....more

Shit that Happens in the Middle of the Night

I've been having insomnia again. Last night as I was up creeping through the house in the dark of night I realized just exactly how weird it is to be up when no one else is. Mostly because it's pitch black in here. I feel like if I turn a light on I'm giving in to being awake for hours....more


All right. Let’s have a serious conversation about insomnia. After all, my blog isn’t called “Sleepless in Vienna” for nothing.I was always an insomniac, even as a child. It takes me two or three hours to fall asleep, sometimes more, but I never did mind. It’s all I’ve ever known. Lying in bed for hours, thinking about my day, making up stories; to me that’s normal. That’s how you fall asleep....more

initiated insomnia

I am refusing to go to sleep due to an over abundance of energy and pure excitment for creativity.Thus begins the creativity...right here. And... ready, go.Unfortunately I've got nothing.I feel threatened by the other bloggers out there and my fears of incompatance and not being good enough are beginning to seep in to the circle of thoughts that continuosly cycle between my ears.Until I remember that most of my inspiration comes from other people, situations, things, objects, relationships, love, hate, all that wonderful stuff that happens in every day life....more

Just Keep Moving

That’s more or less how I cope with everything.  Grief?  Move my feet, occupy my hands, dig down in the dirt so new life can grow.  Fatigue?  Make an epic to-do list and plow through it.  Insane momentous goal?  Break it down into manageable pieces, and conquer them one at a time.  Insomnia?Evidently, moving is not the solution....more
I know, right? Two nights of zero sleep and I was messed right up! @neekswritemore

A Beloved Pet Lost & Found: Whew!

I don’t sleep well.This has been true for a long time. Part of it is a pattern from nights interupted by the waking up with babies and small children over the past 25 years of raising my large family of 8 kids. Even though the youngest is now 6 years old, several of the kids are chronically ill, and one is dying. This means also lots of medical bills.Reasons to lose sleep, as you can imagine....more